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Join KenFolios Entrepreneurs Network – a trusted hub for entrepreneurs to connect, share, and support each other. Our community works smoothly on Telegram, WhatsApp, our own platform and mobile apps, ensuring you're always in the loop, wherever you are. When you grab a membership, you get instant access. Join us at KenFolios, where your entrepreneurial journey gets a boost from a friendly and insightful community.​

25000 +


Over 25K strong, KEN community thrives!

200 +

Online Events

Sparking connections through 200+ online events!

15 + 

Offline Events

Crafted memorable moments with 15+ offline events!

50 +


KEN community flourishes in joyous harmony!



    Join KEN for exclusive access: WhatsApp, Telegram, KEN Portal & Apps, all benefits - ONE-TIME fee.
    • Telegram Community
    • WhatsApp Community
    • Local Groups
    • KEN Portal Profile
    • KEN Mobile Apps
    • Online-Offline Events
    • Inbuilt Kickstart Course
    • 50 + Features
  • Moderator

    Lead a KEN WhatsApp Group with a one-time fee, earn referral income from the community.
    • All WhatsApper Benefits
    • Group Admin Rights
    • Moderator Group Access
    • Referral Code
    • Referral Income
    • Inbuilt Training
    • Moderator Badge
    • 50+ Features
  • Retainer

    Elevate your business with lead generation and revenue-focused perks.
    Valid for 12 months
    • Annual Fee
    • All WhatsApper Benefits
    • Enhanced Networking
    • Lead Generation
    • Revenue-Boosting Resources
    • Inbuilt Marketing Support
    • Local Community
    • One-on-One Support
    • 50 + Features
  • Advisor

    Tailored for marketing and business development professionals.
    Valid for 12 months
    • Annual Fee
    • All WhatsApper Benefits
    • Advisory Networking
    • Direct Member Access
    • Community Endorsement
    • Trusted Badge
    • Hot Leads
    • 50+ Features
  • Lawyer

    Tailored for legal and compliance professionals looking to run their local groups.
    Valid for 12 months
    • Annual Fee
    • All WhatsApper Benefits
    • Compliance Networking
    • Local Groups
    • Expert Badge
    • Community Endorsement
    • Hot Leads
    • 50+ Features
  • Organizer

    Host paid and free events, foster connections, profit with community spirit.
    Valid for 12 months
    • Annual Fee
    • All WhatsApper Benefits
    • Host Community Events
    • Sell Tickets
    • Community Endorsement
    • Organizer Badge
    • Brownie Points 😊
    • 50+ Features
  • Collaborator

    Create and run your own local KEN community chapter as a business.
    Valid for 12 months
    • WhatsApp Community(Optional)
    • All Member Benefits
    • Create Local Community
    • Local Data Access
    • Collaborator Badge
    • Inbuilt Training
    • Make Profits 👍
  • Mentor

    Invest, mentor, scale profitable business ideas. Join the growth journey.
    Valid for 12 months
    • WhatsApp Community(Optional)
    • All Member Benefits
    • Special Access
    • High Value Badge
    • Special Invitations
    • Community Wide Promotion
    • Top Tier Access
  • Leader

    Elite & exclusive features for entrepreneurs seeking community prominence.
    Valid for 12 months
    • WhatsApp Community(Optional)
    • All Member Benefits
    • Featured Membership
    • Social Media Promotion
    • Special Invitations
    • Leader Badge
    • Top Tier Access

Our Story

KenFolios, a project initiated by Suhas Naik in 2013, aimed to harness the power of social media for positive change. Beginning as a webzine in English and expanding to Hindi in 2016, KenFolios has shared over 5,000 stories, reaching an audience of 100 million and amassing a social media following of up to 1 million. In 2021, the project launched a community of entrepreneurs to leverage their accumulated knowledge, aiding businesses and entrepreneurs in preparing for a post-COVID world, now boasting over 25,000 members.

Website opened on smartphone


KenFolios' webzine vertical, launched in 2013, has showcased 5000+ stories featuring individuals from diverse backgrounds, resonating with over 100 million readers. It serves as a platform to celebrate and share inspiring narratives from various walks of life.

People on a Deck


KenFolios' 2021-launched community vertical harnesses webzine expertise, building a dynamic space for entrepreneurs. Leveraging knowledge and exposure, it empowers members through collaboration, fostering growth, and facilitating valuable connections within the entrepreneurial ecosystem.

Fists in Solidarity


KenFolios' accelerator vertical, in development, aims to provide advanced support for startups, facilitating their scaling journey. This dynamic initiative focuses on empowering and propelling emerging businesses toward sustained growth and success.

Namrata Vohra, Mumbai

"Attending the first offline meet at Andheri was fantastic! Engaging with fellow entrepreneurs, sharing experiences, and gaining fresh marketing ideas was invaluable. Grateful for the enriching experience."

Abhishek Singh, Bengaluru 

"An incredible assembly of professionals, KenFolios is a network that propels growth. Exceptional work! Grateful for the enriching connections and opportunities within this dynamic community. Well done!"

Priyank Patel,


"Choosing KenFolios was my best decision. It's the perfect platform to introduce myself, explore opportunities, and connect with aspiring entrepreneurs—a vital step for anyone venturing into new business endeavors!"

Atul Bhardwaj, Ghaziabad

"As a member of various Delhi NCR network groups with quarterly offline events, I sought broader connections. Joining KenFolios expanded my network nationwide, thanks to the team for a cost-effective, extensive platform."

Priyanka Ajgaonkar,


"I appreciate how the community seamlessly connects everyone, fostering a vibrant exchange of diverse ideas on the forum. It's an engaging platform that truly promotes collaboration and innovation."

Rahul Das, Goa

"KenFolios is an awesome platform connecting entrepreneurs. It facilitates networking, idea exchange, and collaboration seamlessly. A valuable resource for anyone seeking to expand their entrepreneurial connections and insights."

Adored By Thousands Of Members.

KenFolios connects thousands of entrepreneurs seamlessly. With its user-friendly interface and diverse networking opportunities, it's adored for fostering collaboration and idea exchange, creating a thriving community where members find support and inspiration.

Taking Notes

Our Legacy

Born during the nascent days of social media, KenFolios harnessed its transformative power to instigate positive change. Evolving over the years, KenFolios cultivated a unique content style, propelling countless individuals into overnight fame with thoughtful, viral stories. Numerous interns have become media professionals, and film projects centered on KenFolios' subjects are in the pipeline, affirming its indelible mark in creating hundreds of success stories within its dynamic community.

Online And Offline Meetups

KenFolios curates a dynamic fusion of online and offline meetups, crafting immersive experiences. Through expertly curated virtual forums that foster global connections and well-attended in-person gatherings, we actively nurture a vibrant community. With a track record of organizing over 200 online meetups and 15 offline meetups, we are dedicated to facilitating meaningful interactions and fostering a robust knowledge exchange within our community.

Community Values

KenFolios community thrives on connecting, sharing, and growing together. It fosters collaboration, encourages knowledge exchange, and cultivates collective growth through meaningful interactions and shared experiences.


Forging meaningful connections with strategically aligned individuals for mutual growth.


Facilitating guided information exchange with precision and strategic communication.


Mutual growth through the synergy of knowledge and expansive networking.

Learning to use smartphone

Leveraging the prowess of Artificial Intelligence

KenFolios community seamlessly integrates cutting-edge AI technologies in the backend, diligently refining and optimizing them to enhance user experience, ensuring continual utility and value for members.

Fifty-Plus Seamlessly Integrated Features

Experience elevated functionality with our platform boasting fifty-plus seamlessly integrated features. From enhanced user experience to advanced capabilities, we provide a comprehensive solution designed to meet diverse needs and exceed expectations.

My Assuarance

Drawing on my extensive corporate research and entrepreneurial journey across real estate, FMCG, hospitality, and media, I assure you that the KenFolios Entrepreneurs Network is a steadfast guarantee for success. We're dedicated to supporting professionals, entrepreneurs, and businesses across diverse industries, embodying a commitment to your prosperity.

Suhas Naik

Entrepreneur, Digital Creator, Startup And Media Advisor.

Founder, KenFolios

Over 1 million followers on social media, Handled companies with a collective turnover of over INR 1 billion in 15 years.

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KenFolios Media Private Limited

Second floor, F-328, Lado Sarai, New Delhi, New Delhi, Delhi, 110030

CIN: U72900DL2017PTC321788


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