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Deepika says “To have sex outside marriage is a woman’s choice”, how many of you agree?

Deepika - Women Empowerment

Vogue India has recently published a video on “Women Empowerment”. This video features actress Deepika Padukone, enumerating the choices women have. It has received nearly 2 million views as of 30th March 2015. While this video is widely appreciated for being an effort toward Women Empowerment. But, this video also features a statement, where Deepika is


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Common man writes a letter to Aam Aadmi Party

Common Man

Dear Aam Aadmi Party, Congratulations!, you really proved that you all are common men. Why not?, only common men fight like this. And, because they do fight, a class known as “special people” or “VIP” exists. The only unfortunate development is that you could have not proved to be the ones who fight for common