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Must read story of a man who made 43000 Crore from nothing.

Jan Koum

The inspirational stories of fight against odds, unbelievable struggle and extraordinary success are always popular. But few stories make the space that can not be occupied by others. Few stories become inspiration  for generations. Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg was the son of an upper-middle-class dentist. Bill Gates was a millionaire before he started Microsoft in 1975.


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9 books that Osama Bin Laden was reading before his death.

Osama Reading

The United States administration recently released documents related to Osama Bin Laden. The documents reveal several unknown facts about Osama’s life in the hideout at Abbottabad in Pakistan. This is the place where he lived for almost 5 years before being killed by U.S. Navy Seals. An interesting side of Osama Bin Laden’s personality was


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Housewife shares bedroom secret with her husband’s friend, the reason will surprize you.

Housewife Bedroom Secret Large

She had a lot to express, once got the opportunity. On one good day, she told the bedroom secret to her husband’s friend. Everything that happened after that will just surprize you. This video is not for fun but introduces you to a marital problem that you might have never heard of. The makers of



The story of Maharaja Of Alwar taking revenge from Rolls Royce.

Maharaja Jai Singh

The Maharajas in India had a special relation with Rolls Royce. More than 20,000 Rolls-Royces were built before the First World War and about 20 per cent of them were shipped in India. It has been estimated that, on an average, each maharaja had 3 to 5 Rolls Royce. Since there were about 230 major maharajas in India,


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Young man denied job for being Muslim.

Zeeshan Ali Large

In a worst case of religious discrimination,  a leading export house in Mumbai has rejected job to a young man only because he is a Muslim. Zeeshan Ali, who has done MBA in international business, applied for job along with few other friends at the Hare Krishna Exports Pvt. Ltd. The company is one of


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Dead body of a student remained unattended in rain.


The dead body of an ITI student remained unattended on a road in the Ambala City of Haryana. This incidence has raised serious questions about the way administration handles such cases. Simranjeet Singh was going to the Industrial Training Institute(ITI) to pay his fees. A Haryana Roadways bus ran over him while he was on


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The story of Bihari Muslims donating land to build world’s largest Hindu Temple

Viraat Ramayana Mandir

In one of the finest demonstration of communal harmony, Muslims in Bihar have donated land for construction of the biggest Hindu temple in the world. IANS reported quoting Kishore Kunal that the temple will be built at Janaki Nagar near Kesaria of East Champaran district of Bihar. The estimated project cost is over 500 crore


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Story of bride taking a readymade toilet as dowry to in laws.

Chaitali Galakhe

“Jahan Soch, Wahan Swachhta”, you have heard Vidya Balan saying this in the television promotion of Swachh Bharat Abhiyan. We have also seen another ad by Vidya Balan about the bride who risked to leave the place of her in laws the next day of her marriage because the house of her in laws did


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Self taught 21 year old ethical hacker is helping Mumbai Police solve complex cases.

Shubham Singh

At the age of 21, Shubham Singh has helped Mumbai Police solve complex cyber crime cases by way of training and active assistance in the investigation. Shubham is a resident of Ghatkopar in Mumbai and developed interest in Ethical Hacking at the age of 15. The passions got wings when he attended a seminar at IIT


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17 Must see photographs that speak thousands of words.

Cousins together

We all know that images speak many words but some images speaks thousands of words together. They cause change, they become famous,they go viral, they speak expressions. We have compiled 17 such images that became famous and caused change. 100000 monks praying for a better world A tribal woman sees Vogue for the first time An