You don’t need to be rich for being largehearted.

Kamala Lochan Baliarsingh

  This video story is about Kamal Lochan Baliarsingh who is 60 years of age and lives on street. He does not have any income source and richness is something he has never even dreamt of. Despite all this, he is a large hearted man and does simple things that we make us realize that


Open letter to Hafiz Saeed from a true Indian

Open Letter To Hafiz Saeed

This post is a critical response to the provocative statements given by Jama’at-ud-Da’wah chief Hafiz Saeed against India after the terrorist attack on school in Peshawar. Dear Hafiz Saeed, Firstly I must congratulate you for trending on Twitter for your graceful comments on India. You are so great human that you can qualify to become the


B Chandrakala – Honesty still exists in government officials.

B Chandrakala

We  believed they all are corrupt. We believed nothing will change. We believed it is a nexus. We believed that we have to see and tolerate this silently. But some events can make us change our mind. The new DM of Bulandshahr, B Chandrakala sets an example here. On a survey visit of public works


Are women not responsible for their own safety?

We can do it.

The issue of women safety is widely discussed in India after a sensational news making rape case. The same is happening again after the Uber rape case. The order of developments in such matters is like; 1. A sensational rape matter breaks out. 2. News channels make it big. 3. Many politicians all together make nonsense


The three incidents when Philip Hughes was remembered in the first test match.

Philip Hughes Remembered

It was going to be an emotional start at the Adelaide and it was right like that.  The delayed first test between India and Australia started on 9th December 2014. There were signs of players and viewers remembering Philip Hughes is every possible way.  We figure our the three incidents where Phil was remembered in


Uber Delhi rape case – what went wrong this time.

Uber Cars

The rape of a  financial analyst in Delhi has again made it a big news. As we go back in history and see the very unfortunate “Nirbhaya” rape matter which had shocked the entire nation in the same December month of 2012. It is December again and one more rape matter in Delhi. After the