Saturday, July 26, 2014

The intelligence of Facebook that displays the content to you.

Have you ever wondered that how Facebook is able to present you with recommendations, friend suggestions etc.

We observe that in most of the cases Facebook is doing this to the best possibilities and you have recommendations that you actually might have asked for. In technical terms this is all about the Facebook algorithm and in simple terms it is all about the way Facebook has programmed itself for you.

When Facebook started operating a social connectivity platform, the were having features that help you connect with your friends and family but as they grew as worlds biggest social place on the web, they started doing something that Google were doing in their business area. It was indexing of data.

Facebook started indexing and relating information about the profile of an individual and tracking the behavior of an individual on while using its platform. They built their own algorithm( the way they related the tracked data) for example, if you liked a post from National Geographic about birds, it is possible that you might like a post about birds from Discovery. In this case you have not told Facebook that you like birds.

There are hundreds of other ways the algorithm works in the same that kids develop mindset as grown up. Now there are several important factors that Facebook might consider for relating the data and showing you content in news feed.

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The factors that Facebook might consider for displaying content in news feed

If Facebook starts showing everything from your friends and pages that you like, your news feed might have many unwanted things. Facebook would use its intelligence to display the content in news feed.

There are primarily three factors that Facebook considers for displaying content in the news feed;

1. Relation with the content

In simple words this is how you are associated with a post. If the post is shared by a friend or a page liked by you, this means that you are willing to see the content.

2. Type of content

It is generally observed that Facebook would prioritize photos, videos and other media than text content.

3. Freshness of the content

Facebook asks you what's new, so this means that Facebook would prioritize fresh content.

Now understand that Facebook would use additional intelligence to display content.

1. Your interaction with the author of the content.

In your friends list there are many friends and in case of a page there are many page that you like but there are few friends and pages that you interact more with. So Facebook will prioritize the post from such pages and people.

2. The way other people have dealt with the post.

Now Facebook also sees how other people have dealt with the same post.

3. The way you handle such posts.

Facebook will also see the way you have interacted with such post types.

4. The feedback the post received.

Facebook would strictly see if the post has received any positive feedback or not.

Thursday, July 3, 2014

I don't know who Sachin Tendulkar is?

Fans of Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar all over the world have blasted on Maria Sharapova over her statement about not knowing Sachin Tendulkar.

[caption id="attachment_23137" align="aligncenter" width="300"]Maria Sharapova on Sachin Maria Sharapova on Sachin[/caption]

If compared, Sachin is considered as one of the greatest player of Cricket ever and on the other side despite being professionally and commercially very successfull, Sharapova is yet to achieve this feat.

Sachin undoubtedly is popular if analyzed his social media following and the global population of the people who follow cricket.

Sachin keeps a very special place in heart of cricket fans like me but on the other side I also am not sure about the reason for fans getting so angy with Maria Sharapova's remarks.

[caption id="attachment_23138" align="alignnone" width="300"]Sachin Twitter Timeline Sachin Twitter Timeline[/caption]


[caption id="attachment_23139" align="alignnone" width="300"]Maria Sharapova Twitter Timeline Maria Sharapova Twitter Timeline[/caption]

Maris belongs to Russia where cricket is not at all popular and it is also not essential that we know top sport stars belonging to the each and every sport.

I am not sure if all Indians know about Indian Hockey players or Kabbadi players.

Respecting Sachin also means absorbing many special qualities he has and politeness is one of them. I expect Sachin's fans will remember this before making obscene comments on Maria Sharapova.

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Interesting facts about the FIFA world cup 2014

Most of the Indians are not regular football watchers. As mentioned in the last post I am trying to recover from a gap in posting on my blog. I am trying to do things that I usually don't do, i.e. watching Football. I thought of doing something different to feel the excitement of the Football world cup starting on 12th June 2014. I went on to have a look of the schedule of the FIFA world cup 2014. 01:30 hrs was the time as per IST and I was really disappointed, however this gave me a new topic to write a blog post. I found it a great opportunity to look for some very interesting facts about the FIFA world cups.

It was interesting to know that worlds most favorite game has been globally hosted for several occasions but only 8 nations have been able to win the world cup;

Brazil : 5

Italy : 4

Germany : 3

Uruguay: 2

Argentina : 2

France : 1

England : 1

Spain : 1

The 2006 world cup final between Italy and France fetched more than 700 million global viewers. More that 900 million users that the 2010 world cup final between Spain and Netherlands had.

And this year the the number is expected to be more than 1 billion.

This is the first time that Goal Line Technology will be used to track goals. The official ball is named as "The Brazuca". Adidas is the only company designing and supplying the 32 panel balls for the games.

The estimated cost of the stadium is approximately $ 3.5 billion. This is thrice more than the world cup 2014. The average hotel cost is ranging from $ 280 to $ 370.

The average cost of flight between two cities is ticket is $515 and the average cost of match ticket is $ 1345.

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

How to recover from writer's block?

It has been 100 days that I have written a blog post. This is not a writer's block as such but a post after 100 days comes with some challenges and one of the challenge is the ideas. What I am going to write about ?

When I used to write regularly, I never felt the shortage of any ideas but now when I thought of writing a fresh blog post, despite all the energy and excitement it was not going to be easy.

After all possible brainstorming, I decided that I am going to write about recovering from writer's block.

There can be many reasons for a writer's block that range from going out of inspiration, illness, distraction etc.

In my case it was not a writer's block but yes other engagements made me so busy that I had to stay away from my favorite activity. While I was trying to figure out ways to get rid of writer's block I came across many interesting ideas, I always pray that no one has to go through writer's block but at any point you unfortunately have to, here are few tips that can help.

I most of the cases a writer's block is caused when a person is stuck in a kind of psychological  condition that may have many reasons and it is not essential to talk about them here but to look at the actual issue, getting out of a psychological condition that leads to a writer's block.

The tips is to do regular exercise, yes exercising regularly and meeting people, speaking with them will actually help you get out of the bad psychological condition. Memory loss is a very big reason for loosing mental ability to produce ideas and content. Exercising regularly will help you improve with your memory and cognitive abilities. The simple exercises are as easy as walking and similar activities. Meeting people and socializing will find you new ideas.

Increase reading and interact with your audience to track new topics and needs of your readers or audience. While you do this be very usual so that you can absorb things around you.

Sometimes doing unusual things can also help you put the required inspiration in your mind. Organize your room, prepare a favorite dish for yourself, watch a television series that you do not watch in other cases all such things make your mind think differently and they are less expensive than a holiday.

Use Google analytic and Google trends to track keyword ideas is a good technical way to find ideas.

I am a tech blogger and have many ways to find keyword ideas, however I would like not to be more technical here. Keep updated with my blog and I will share many keyword generation ideas.

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Thursday, March 6, 2014

Double your Facebook likes by giving 5 minutes everyday.

Facebook is important for individuals and businesses.  Because Facebook is the largest gathering on the web, many companies are using Facebook as a medium for marketing of their products and services.

The way Facebook users have gone up and so the online marketers have started using Facebook for promotional marketing activity, the competition has also gone up.

It is really difficult to get exposure on Facebook for things that do not make any sense for the audience. Below is an info-graphic about making your Facebook likes double by just giving 5 minutes everyday.

Double Your Facebook Likes In Just 5 Minutes Per Day
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Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Smartphone revolution versus human population

We have been learning about the increasing number of smartphone users in last few years everywhere. In fact this is observed everywhere, as smartphones are becoming affordable and technology is also improving.

We are very sure that smartphones will outnumber human population in many developed countries across the globe. Everyone associated would like to know about the smartphone revolution and the human population, very specifically the businesses that can gain or loose due to this smartphone revolution. Have a look at the info-graphic below.

Smartphone Revolution
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Thursday, February 27, 2014

Medal bonuses by nations to medalists in Sochi 2014

Sochi 2014 games are over and a good thing is that they have been safe.

We could see amazing performance by athletes from various countries that participated in the Olympics. Nearly all nations or their Olympic committees  have declared medal bonuses to their medal winning athletes.

MoneySideOfLife published an info-graphic visualizing the medal bonuses declared by the top 10 medal winning nations and also provide essential stats about them.


Sochi 2014 Winter Olympic Medal Bonus Payout
by MoneySideOfLife.
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