Emotions Are Priceless: Happy Raksha Bandhan

Image Source: TechRetards

Emotions are truly priceless….. A bunch of aspirant youngsters has created a really amazing short video focusing this simple fact…. We from KenFolios want to congratulate the full team of TechRetards for creating such a wonderful heartwarming video…. You all will definitely like it and a very happy Raksha Bandhan to all of you from


Kolkata Queers Hosted A Queer Hugs Campaign And Kolkatans Hugged Them Back


On the 23rd of August, something amazing happened in Kolkata. People came together and showed compassion towards one another; something we need a lot these days. The Kolkata chapter of Harmless Hugs, organised a Queer Hugs campaign wherein they walked the streets and asked people to hug them. And what’s more is, people hugged them.


When India Came Forward To Save A Pakistani Daughter

At a tender age of 15, several cruel body conditions have become Saba’s all time companion and asking for a little respite comes expensive. But faith in humanity and selfless love can make this path easier to tread on and might even smudge the borders between India and Pakistan. This is what happened when #SaveSaba


Will Our Smart Cities be Really Smart? Let’s Find Out!

Smart cities

We live in the era of smartphones, Smart TVs, Smartwatches, and even Smart belts. Why not live in a smart city? Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced that 100 cities and towns in India will be converted into Smart Cities. But if you look closely into what these smart cities really are, they are actually what


Good Gesture of Pakistan SC: Asks to Rebuild a Destroyed Hindu Temple

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The Pakistan Supreme Court strongly expressed its discontent over the Hindu Temple restoration work in Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa. Pakistan SC further ordered the government of the province to hire a renowned architect for this restoration work. In 1997 some fanatics destroyed this shrine. On 26th August, the Supreme Court bench of three judges headed by Chief Justice


Meena Kaviya Started Small, But Now Owns a 10 Crore Worth Firm

Ayma 1

Entrepreneurship is a difficult word to spell, but the same time, it is also hard in reality. Women entrepreneurs undergo many challenges when compared to men, and  that is the reason why they deserve more applause. One such person is Meena Kaviya. She was a normal housewife, but then she decided to start a small


The Garbageless Man And What We Can Do To Be Like Him

Image Source: iamin.in

In a country where recycling is much needed and almost always avoided, Kaustubh Tamhankar, 65 year old resident of Thane, Mumbai, has not had ‘garbage’ in his house for the last 12 years. Mr. Tamhankar recycles all his trash and also fertilizes waste material at his house. He says he started doing this because he


Rock And Pa-role. Dutt Out Again in Last 6 Months of Jail Time

Sanjay Dutt Parole By Hindu.

Sanjay Dutt is out on a month-long parole yet again and you all must have heard about it. This time the emergency is her daughter’s nose job. The plea was made in March, and the procedure took 5 months to follow through. Like a responsible citizen, Dutt is utilizing every leave he is entitled to and


Baby in Andhra Dies in the Hospital. His Parents Say That He Was Bitten by Rats.


Ratatouille is good, but not in a hospital. In a recent incident, a newborn baby had died in a hospital after he was bitten by rats, according to his parents. They said that there were a lot of rats roaming around in the ICU, and one of them bit their baby’s fingers. As usual, the


10 Must Know Things about Hardik Patel

Image Source: Times of India

By now most of us already heard the name of the young 22 year old man Hardik Patel, who is behind Tuesday’s ‘Maha Kranti’ rally at Ahmedabad. This agitation really turned violent as youth from the Patel community tried to enforce a Bandh by roaming around the city in two wheelers with wielding sticks. They