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Why is Narendra Modi making foreign visits?

PM Modi in Berlin

Narendra Modi led NDA Government has just completed one year. There have been variety of opinions coming out about the performance of this Government in last one year. The opposition has raised serious questions about Land Acquisition Bill and other issues; But one of more issues that the entire opposition has taken on is the visits


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Mumbai students spending summer vacations cleaning toilets in slums

Mumbai Students

While most kids go to different places in their summer vacations, some school kids from Bandra are doing their bit for the society. Arsh Mogre, 16, who just gave his Class X exams from Podar IB school, is working on his sanitation programme called ‘Swachhalay’. Arsh, who is the co-founder of Swachhalay is new to


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Meet India’s first transgender college principal.

Manabi Bdopadhya

Indian and might be the world is going to get it’s first transgender college principal on 9th June 2015. Manabi Bandopadhyay is expected to take charge as the principal of the Krishnagar Women’s College on 9th June 2015. Manali who is a transgender, is currently the associate professor in Bengali at Vivekananda Satabarshiki Mahavidyalaya. This


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Have A Look! Aamir Khan is having perfect time in China.

Amir Khan With Jachie Chan

Chinese might be India’s biggest competitors in trade and commerce but that does not apply to art. The INR 40.48 crore rupees of Chinese box office collection for Aamir Khan’s blockbuster movie “PK” can prove this. Now, don’t go ahead and ask, PeeKay hai kya? These are the real stats coming from China. And yes, Aamir’s


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The want for modern gadgets made Gujrat girl a prostitute.

Teen Prostitute

” I considered to become a prostitute because I am fond of modern gadgets,” a 13 year girl from Vadodara of Gujarat told her mother and counsellor about the reason that made her become a prostitute. Teenagers are getting more and more attracted to new technologies and things that come in market. This is very


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Must read story of a man who made 43000 Crore from nothing.

Jan Koum

The inspirational stories of fight against odds, unbelievable struggle and extraordinary success are always popular. But few stories make the space that can not be occupied by others. Few stories become inspiration  for generations. Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg was the son of an upper-middle-class dentist. Bill Gates was a millionaire before he started Microsoft in 1975.


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9 books that Osama Bin Laden was reading before his death.

Osama Reading

The United States administration recently released documents related to Osama Bin Laden. The documents reveal several unknown facts about Osama’s life in the hideout at Abbottabad in Pakistan. This is the place where he lived for almost 5 years before being killed by U.S. Navy Seals. An interesting side of Osama Bin Laden’s personality was


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Housewife shares bedroom secret with her husband’s friend, the reason will surprize you.

Housewife Bedroom Secret Large

She had a lot to express, once got the opportunity. On one good day, she told the bedroom secret to her husband’s friend. Everything that happened after that will just surprize you. This video is not for fun but introduces you to a marital problem that you might have never heard of. The makers of



The story of Maharaja Of Alwar taking revenge from Rolls Royce.

Maharaja Jai Singh

The Maharajas in India had a special relation with Rolls Royce. More than 20,000 Rolls-Royces were built before the First World War and about 20 per cent of them were shipped in India. It has been estimated that, on an average, each maharaja had 3 to 5 Rolls Royce. Since there were about 230 major maharajas in India,


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Young man denied job for being Muslim.

Zeeshan Ali Large

In a worst case of religious discrimination,  a leading export house in Mumbai has rejected job to a young man only because he is a Muslim. Zeeshan Ali, who has done MBA in international business, applied for job along with few other friends at the Hare Krishna Exports Pvt. Ltd. The company is one of