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Why This Woman Is Bringing Employment To People With Disabilities Is Beautiful

Shanti Raghavan, who grew up with a visually-impaired brother, is doing something of great worth value for people with disability. She and her husband have devoted their lives to enable people living with disabilities to achieve new heights in life the most inspiring ways.

To Shanti (47), disability isn’t the problem. She says, the real problem is the lack of solutions that work for people with disabilities and enabling them to contribute on par with the abled.

She is a post graduate in Computer Science from Monmouth University (New Jersey, USA) and had co-founded a non-profit organization, EnAble India” in January 1999. She trains and makes people with disabilities employable, builds capacity within businesses to facilitate the employment of the disabled, and creates workplace solutions that empower the disabled to work smoothly.

She created a job portal for the disabled, a platform that will host tutorials, courses and training tools to bridge the gap between disabled and abled people, particularly at work place.

Shanti’s take on enabling India’s disabled is refreshing and inspiring. We all are capable of making our lives better but very rarely do we extend help to others in such a revolutionary way. EnAble India’s mission has founded a firm belief that the disabled do not need sympathy – they need a supportive environment to grow and fulfill their needs, potential and dreams.

Watch this to know her work better:

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