When Upper Cast Denied Water To Wife This Man Single-Handedly Dug A Well in Just 40 Days

After the release of biopic on the Mountain Man Manjhi we all are familiar with the determination of the man who moved a mountain all alone. A similar story has recently surfaced from Washim district of Maharashtra where a man refused to take his wife’s insult silently and did something unimaginable! He dug out a well after weeks of labor and gave a fitting reply to the people from the upper caste who denied his wife to draw water from their well.

Meet this extraordinary man Bapurao Tajne who lives in Kalambeshwar village in Maharashtra and makes his ends by working as a labor. It was a routine for his wife to walk for one kilometer to other part of the village ang get water. One day, the owner of the village insulted his wife Sangita and refused to give any water. Heartbroken she came back home and narrated the incident to her husband.

Disturbed by his wife’s insult, Bapurao decided to do something that will save every dalit from the humiliation they regularly faced from the upper caste of the village. He went to Malegaon, the nearest town, bought a few tools, and began to dig a well. His neighbors, his family and even his wife began jeering at him for his attempt. But the man on mission kept going on praying that he is met with success.

I broke down to tears when my wife told me what happened. That day I resolved that nobody should have to beg for water anymore

Insults often leave people hurt and demotivated however their purpose is to fill you with a spirit of fighting back and emerging out as a winner. Digging for more than six hours everyday, he finally stuck water on the 40th day at 15 feet. A task that requires a team of 4-5 people and heavy, electric-operated machinery was done by this man single-handedly.

“”I prayed fervently to God before starting the job. I am thankful that my effort has been rewarded”

His poverty didn’t allow Bapurao to take off from his work so he carried on with digging everyday before and after he went to work as a labor.  “It is difficult to explain what I felt in those days. I just wanted to provide water for my whole locality so that we Dalits did not have to beg for water from other castes,” he says.

Everyone at first thought he had gone crazy and asked him to stop. Even his wife did not help him until she saw the water. Now the whole family helps him as he deepens and widens the well. It is already 15 feet deep and Bapurao wants to dig 5 feet further. It is 6 feet wide at the top and he wants to make it 8 feet wide.

Bapurao has proved that no feat is impossible if you are willing to give your 100 percent. Not just his wife, but life of every family in the village is now easier solely because of the efforts of this one man.

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