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Thanks To Railway Wi-Fi, This Coolie Cracked Kerala Public Civil Service Examination

How would you describe a typical day at a railway platform? A chaotic place filled with so many people, some traveling, some earning a livelihood, and some, finding a space between shelter and home. The seldom dull of the place fades when trains steam in. But it’s certainly not a place to study. However, amidst all the chaos, there is one man who did the unimaginable.

While many aspirants for civil service examinations bury themselves in books and papers, Sreenath K’s journey was different. Carrying heavy loads at the railway station, with earphones plugged in, he would listen to online study material to prepare for the examination.

The unparalleled dedication

A coolie at Ernakulam railway station, Sreenath cracked the written test of Kerala Public Service Commission (KPSC) by studying on the railway station while doing his duty. The free railway Wi-Fi came to his rescue as he could not afford to leave his current job to prepare for exams. Carrying the heavy loads, Sreenath remained engrossed listening to online study materials. He appeared three times for this examination but could not clear due to lack of resources.

But the railway Wi-Fi opened up new gates for him. Not only he could listen to online lectures, he could download practice question papers, appear for mock tests, and also fill online forms. He would take his online classes with his earphones plugged and carry his day job. He would revise everything back at home before returning to the same routine the next day.

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Dreams to fly high

Sreenath belongs to a small town Munnar in Kerala. His financial conditions made him work as a coolie at Ernakulum, the nearest railway station to Munnar. However, this high school pass out didn’t lose hope. Despite the everyday challenges, he believed in himself and continued to work hard even when failure pushed him to succeed.

If he successfully qualifies after the interview, he is likely to become a Village Field Assistant in the Department of Land Revenue in Kerala State Government. Sreenath is determined. He He has appeared for many such examinations hoping that he will succeed one day.

“I will keep studying. While I work as a coolie because I have the pressure of running my house, I will keep studying and appearing for exams. If I appear for enough exams, I am bound to get a good job,” he said to PTI.

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An inspiration to many such aspirants

In 2016, when railway stations were facilitated with Wi-Fi under the Digital India Initiative, who would have thought that it will result in changing someone’s life. While millions of travellers use this Wi-Fi for mere entertainment, this became a source for Sreenath to transform his life. He continues to take help from the railway’s Wi-Fi to prepare for his personal interview with KPSC while he studies for other exams.

“What is my ideal job? A person of some authority to change things in my village maybe,” says Sreenath.

We all can come up with many excuses but when one is determined to achieve something he finds his way out. The story of Sreenath is one such example of passion and determination which gives hope to many who are about to give up. We truly wish that one-day Sreenath could achieve what he has worked so hard for.

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