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Thanks, teachers: 7 People Who are Changing the Way We Learn in India

How we educate children is directly linked to the growth of our society. Whatever we have learned from our previous generations is made to trickle down in form of knowledge..

As the technological advancement grip us, our education system and society have embraced the same. In the honor of our teachers, we have comprised a list of 7 people who are revolutionising the way India learns.

Most of them left their high-paying job to contribute towards the noble cause of strengthening our education system.

  • Salman Khan, Founder of The Khan Academy


Salman , fondly known as ‘The World’s Teacher’, is one of the most influential person in technological education today. He founded the first free world-class virtual school – The Khan Academy. Presently, his academy is providing free world-class education to 450 million Indian children.

  • Gaurav Munjal and Roman Saini, Founder of Unacademy


Inspired by ‘The Khan Academy’, Gaurav and Roman launched an initiative to make education free and accessible for everyone, under the brand name of Unacademy.The platform is hugely popular and has recorded 2.5 million visits since its launch. Several public figures, including Puducherry Lieutenant Governor Kiran Bedi and IAS Topper Tina Dabi, have held classes with Unacademy.

Byju Raveendran, Founder of BYJU’s Classes 



Raveendran is the face of Byju’s Classes, which flashed the tagline “Fall in love with learning”. Founded in 2007 with an initial investment of Rs 2 lakh, it helped CAT aspirants crack the exam by understanding the concepts behind seemingly-tough questions. It is now a giant in the Indian education technology space. Currently, BYJU is the leading provider of supplemental school curriculum classes for Class 6-12.

  • Vamsi Krishna, Founder of Vedantu


Started by former IITians, Vedantu is an online tutoring platform that provides live tutoring for students from classes 4 to 12 for both ICSE and CBSE boards across India. It has a wide array of available subjects at a number of levels ranging from Science (Physics, Chemistry, Biology), Mathematics to Hindi, German, Aptitude and more. The company’s name Vedantu is said to be derived from Sanskrit words Veda-knowledge and Tantu-network.

  • Roshni Mukherjee, Founder of The Exam Fever



Meet the powerhouse of inspiration – Roshni Mukherjee. She was offered her father’s position after he passed away but preferred to take a different route. She decided to teach the needy students for free. Driven by her passion for teaching, Roshni started to post video lessons for classes 9 to 12. Her YouTube channel has more than 70,000 subscribers.

Arshan Vakil and Tahem Verma, Founder of Enguru


Arshan, along with friend Tahem Verma, founded EnGuru for polishing communication skills of people. In India, more often than not weak communication skills and lack of fluency in English cost even the most promising students. Enguru was the first e-learning mobile app launched by Kings Learning. It has amassed over 15 lakh downloads from the Google Playstore and around 3,000 downloads are made every day making it the most popular English learning app on Internet.

  • Priyadeep Sinha, Founder of Gyan Lab


Gyan Lab is a concept facility helping people improve their understanding of basic concepts taught in school. Their products and services encourages school kids (Kindergarten to STD 12) to learn practical concepts in Applied Sciences, Life Skills, Mathematics, Humanities, Electronics and Robotics in a hands-on manner using practical exercises and model making. Thanks to Sinha, education has expanded its horizons beyond school teachers.

Now, it is the job of the learned seniors to hand down their treasure to the younger members of the society. The institution now plays a vital role in integrating an individual with the society so that the values, traditions and knowledge is passed on well.

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