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STD 8 Passed Fruit And Veggie Farmer Has A Smart Technique, Earns Rs 40 Lakh

India is a land of agriculture. More than 60 percent of our population depends on agriculture for their livelihood. Even though agriculture is practiced since centuries in our country, it is still in a state of distress mainly because of the uncertainties associated with the climate. The farmers do not have enough resources to grow their crops which leads to huge loss in their business. Because of this, many farmers are opting for other professions to sustain themselves.

However, there are a few farmers who are not only challenging these obstacles, but also turning farming into a profitable business through various modern farming techniques. Today, we are talking about one such farmer who is educated only till STD 8 but today, his technique is training many agricultural scientists.

Meet Gajanand Patel, a 42-year-old farmer from Chopodai village of Mahasamund district in Chhattisgarh, who turned farming into a fruitful business with his sheer will and determination. Today, because of his high tech farming, his name is amongst the top farmers in the country.

Huge loss but held on to determination

Gajanand had experienced his share of lows. Like most farmers, he had suffered major losses in farming because of lack of resources and climatic conditions. He would make just Rs 80,000 annually. There were times when he wouldn’t even earn that much amount because of lack of resources.

In 2003, Gajanand’s sumptuous crops of watermelon earned him recognition in Mumbai. Farmers from various states came to see his farming techniques. That was when the brokers duped him for more than Rs 8 lakh, telling him that they will help him fetch more profits. In 2004, all his crops were destroyed because of heavy rainfall. Within two years, Gajanand had lost Rs 25 lakhs.

Even though he could not overcome the losses, he held on to hope. He decided to do something to make farming a profitable business. He learnt about Polyhouse technique and started growing fruits and vegetables on his land using the same technique.

What Is Polyhouse Technique ?

Polyhouse is a technique of farming in which the agricultural land is covered with polyethylene mostly in semi-circular shape. Polyethylene sheets stabilizes the ultraviolet rays and helps in proper photosynthesis in crops. The temperature inside the polyhouse can be controlled according to requirement of the crops.

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External factors such as rainfall and air have no significance in a Polyhouse. Since the crops inside the Polyhouse does not have any access to rainfall, the irrigation is done as and when required. Most of the times, it is possible to ascertain the quality, quantity, and the timings of the yields when Polyhouse technique is used.

“Professional approach in farming is very important. Farmers will be progressive with the help of latest techniques, that is why I started Polyhouse farming,” says Gajanand.

Earning Rs 17 Lakhs in Just 45 Days

Gajanand was the first person in the entire state to use this technique. He started by growing cucumber and capsicum. Gradually, he started earning profits. Through this technique, Gajanand proved that one can earn huge profits even with small investments, given that he makes use of the resources intelligently.

Today, various horticulture departments are buying vermicompost fertilisers made by this man who is just educated till middle school.

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On horticulture department’s suggestion, he started farming of Lilium flower and earned Rs 17 lakhs in just 45 days from Bhopal market. Now, he is planning to grow Gerbera flower which have high demand in market. Gajanand says, “Farmers often lose their crop due to insect, kites and uncertain weather, Polyhouse has proved to be a boon for them. Whatever the weather, the production will be 100 percent.”

Inspiration for other farmers

Gajanand now earns around Rs 40 lakh annually from the same land where he suffered huge losses. He has earned a name for his village and became a source of inspiration for many other farmers of the country. He is bringing their faith back in this business. Prime minister Narendra Modi, Chhattisgarh chief minister Dr Raman Singh, and various agricultural scientists have honored him for his success.

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