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While in today’s world there is a haste to prove oneself, many are forgetting their roots. In the rat race, the generation is forgetting their parents and leaving them with no option than to go to old age home for their further life where they have someone to take care of their physical needs, but not emotional one.

Second Son is such an endeavor that aims at taking care of both the needs of old generation under the guidance of Lalit Goswami and Dr Abha Padhye. Second Son is a joint venture where an engineer’s noble concept meets a dentist’s creative mind.

While the concept was deeply rooted in Goswami’s mind, initially, it took some time to fetch him a companion who could be the backbone of his brain child. He left his job for this venture and began his search for like-minded people who would prioritize morality before money.

While every person he approached appreciated the thoughtfulness of the venture, all had a unanimous opinion that concepts like these are good to hear but very difficult to materialize considering the mentality and stigma within the society. Dr Abha however was overwhelmed to see the depth of ones dedication to serve the most respectable strata of any society – the senior citizens. Thus, she shook hands with him and started applying all her knowledge and understanding towards the implementation of the idea while she was still in college.

All the pros and cons were studied, all fields of services to be offered were explored, and finally a website was ordered to be designed. In their joint venture they had hardly any professional guidance and all they could find help from was themselves. They thought that the road would now be smooth, but the reality struck them hard – finances.

Finances and client data base were a big challenge. While they never were in the favor of working under the pressure of loans, they had already exhausted almost all their savings. The client database formation needed intense promotions.

It had been five months since the website was live but they had not been successful in promoting it and reaching to maximum people. At one point of time, they did feel that perhaps people were right about the restricted openness and mentality of the population but they didn’t take much of a time to gain back the will and reside to the decision of never quitting on Second Son, no matter how long it would take for the vision to meet success.

Their intentions were upright and so was the determination. They come from middle class families, and their ethics and principles were the treasured momentoes that they had both received from their parents. Service to mankind was the job that provided satisfaction to them and money always stood behind nobility for them.

Those wrinkled hands that once held our tiny fingers to teach us how to walk were ultimately left alone in the race of careers in today’s world. Having visited so many old-age homes for charity and events, they were both aware that an old-age home is not parents’ first choice; it was a last resort to ease the guilt of their children. So many more factors triggered in Lalit’s mind and he decided to devote his career to the non-biological parents whom he could make happy and contented.

Second Son works with the aim of making the ‘Stay at Home’ a relish-worthy and secured experience for the senior citizens who resided alone and their ultimate vision was to deflate the ‘old age home’ culture. To reach this goal, they plan to provide:

  1. Guardianship to the parents : A guardian would be allotted to every registered parent, who would pay timely visits to them, assist them in daily chores, counsel them emotionally and psychologically and would pose as their son/daughter in any time of need.
  2. Healthcare : Timely health check-ups would be done for each parent for which the report be shared with the registered wards of the parents. Health camps and wellness workshops are in the process. Any hospital emergencies would be taken care of 24×7.
  3. Wellness : Registered parents would be provided with proper diet counselling. Yoga, gym, meditation, name it and it would be provided.
  4. Hobby groups : There is no age limit for devoting to one’s hobbies and so the parents with similar interests would be engaged in workshops, meets, competitions and sessions on a frequent basis.
  5. Travel : From pilgrimage to leisure trips and from picnics to adventure tours, the parents have a variety to choose from.
  6. Daily needs : All sort of daily needs would be provided on demand, may it be grocery or cabs; movie tickets or labour chorus, it is all just a call away.

They were sure not to ever work under a loan and have been funding their venture by our own savings till now. The team is in search of sponsors and partners to help them grow and spread the smiles as wide as we could.

Adopting a parent can be done in 3 different ways:

  1. If anyone knows or is related to a parent who does not have a child of his/her own to register them, the person could take initiative and officially register the parent with Second Son. In this case, the person would be the parent’s official ward.
  2. A confidential database of parents in need would be available with the team and a person who wishes to adopt one could just contact them, do the needed verification and adopt the parent by getting him/her registered.
  3. A person after thorough verification could also choose a parent from their data base to pose as his/her guardian and enact all duties entitled therein.

A Business that works on ethics and principles might face hardships to flourish, but once it hits the right road, no consequence has the power enough to shatter it.

Second Son follows a simple rule:

“Follow your intuitions and not the glitter of profits. The goodwill of a client would fetch us much more than just a job, but the run behind expanding profit margins would only make us a rat in the race of monetization. Working with minimum profits but with maximum delivery efficacy is the master protocol that we follow.”

Second Son is still struggling to reach the extreme population that needs its services, a transformation could be brought about, all it needs is a vast scale of supporters. So,

“While you depart from your parents to strive for your career and success,

And your parents stand by you, encouraging you in the process;

Let us bring back to light the well heard story from the holy Ramayana,

Allow us to be the second son and serve them as the Shraavana.”

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