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Spine-Chilling: When This Indian Army Tiger Pushed All Limits To Kill A Most-Wanted Terrorist

Bravery is the capacity to perform even when death is looking at you in the eye. It is in life’s crucial tests that one needs to stay strong and be true to himself. As they say, a real man smiles in trouble, gathers strength from distress, and grows brave by reflection.

We introduce you to Captain Jaidev Dangi, a brave, and courageous young soldier who defied death and surpassed all the challenges in his path to emerge victorious. He was awarded India’s second highest peacetime gallantry award, the Kirti Chakra, for showing dauntless valour and extraordinary courage in the battlefield. He was the first boy from his school to join the NDA and his story has been an inspiration to many young kids in Haryana.

The Adil Ahmed Mir incident

It was yet another peaceful evening in the chills of the operating base in the terrorist haven, Tral in South Kashmir, where Jaidev operated along with his fellow men. The 25-year-old smiled looking at his phone as it beeped with the name blinking upfront. It was Ritu, his to-be wife. They had exchanged vows around four months back, on Valentine’s Day, 2014, and the wedding was in two months. He sounded content and soothed that June evening as the two spoke about all the proceedings for their Big Day right from the choice of their outfits to the expanded guest list.

Jaidev, who usually listened carefully to Ritu, suddenly seemed disturbed and something else caught his attention. Ritu found herself talking to no one and was unable to comprehend the situation. He suddenly cut the call saying, “Ritu. Listen. I can’t talk. I will speak to you later. Don’t call back.” He hung up the phone and left her bewildered.

The commando had called everyone to the operations briefing room. There was an intelligence input of the location of a terrorist in a house in Buchoo village, less than 10 km away.

The team barged out of their headquarters to eradicate the terrorist after doing their final weapons check. The terrorist whose whereabouts had been located was Adil Ahmed Mir who had been stalking Kashmir for several years and was being pursued unsuccessfully for several months.

Jaidev’s eight-man squad reached and surrounded the location covering all the probable escape routes. After the operation began, it came into realization that there were more than two terrorists operating in the village. There was intense cross firing and the terrorists realized that they have to get rid of Jaidev and his fellow commando, Mukesh who held the lead spots, in order to escape through the grasslands.

The tree trunk behind which the two of them took cover was not wide enough and Jaidev felt a stabbing pain as a bullet ripped his left thigh. In the midst of blazing firing, he looked at Mukesh who seemed to suffer identical injuries, and called a team member to take care of him. He then pulled forward his TAR-21 and shot down Adil Mir. But he wasn’t dead yet and as he confronted him. Adil shot his last bullet at the captain which steered past his cheek, tearing his skin. The captain took the opportunity and pinned him down.

Even after losing so much blood, Jaidev went ahead to find the third terrorist. He knew that if he  makes his way to the stream, they would never be able to catch him. He followed him, and killed him in a quick close range fire.

Jaidev rushed back to the location, bleeding profusely, where Mukesh was lying, still conscious. He said, “Kahaa tha na, do goliyan commando ko maarne ke liye kaafi nahi (Told you, 2 bullets aren’t enough to kill a commando).

Both of them were taken to the camp, and the mission to kill Adil Ahmed Mir was successful. It was later that evening that Ritu got to know about what had happened and she dialed him up immediately out of frantic concern. It was then that they finished their long lost conversation without any disruption.

Info source: India’s Most Fearless: True Stories Of Modern Military Heroes

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