My Son Is Now A Pilot, All Credits To Rahul For Teaching To Never Quit: Nirbhaya’s Mom

Politicians indeed have a duty to work for the betterment of people but to help someone who has faded away from limelight is a rare sight today. Remember Nirbhaya who was monstrously raped and left to die? Her brother Ashok (name changed) is now a pilot and his mother is crediting Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi for this.

Nirbhaya was a young physiotherapist and her family was hoping her bright future would bring much comfort and support to their family. But alas! After her death the family had a hard time finding some peace of mind. Ashok was in STD 12 when his sister was killed in December 2012. He was staring at his crucial board exams when suddenly their life was suffocated with media attention and political gimmicks. However, it is heartening to see someone, no matter who they are or what political party they represent, helping a young man who is away from headlines since a long time now.

Rahul Gandhi motivated my son, spoke to him regularly on phone and even sponsored his higher education. — Nirbhaya’s mother Asha Devi.

“Rahul Gandhi was the one who counselled him and motivated him to achieve something good in life to support the family. After learning that he wanted to join the defence forces, Rahul asked him to pursue a pilot’s training course after completion of school,” she said.

Nirbhaya’s parents

After clearing his Class 12, Nirbhaya’s brother joined the Indira Gandhi Rashtriya Uran Akademi in Rae Bareli, the Congress V-P’s parliamentary constituency.

He wanted to prepare for the Indian Army’s recruitment examination but later found it difficult, his mother said. She added that her son, who underwent an 18-month pilot’s training course, used to keep a track of the Nirbhaya trial.

“When he was studying, Rahul used to talk to him over the phone and taught him to adopt a ‘never quit’ attitude,” she said.

Rahul even used to enquire about his training-cum-job post his studies. In fact, Rahul’s sister Priyanka Gandhi also keeps in touch with the family. “She often asks about our health,” Nirbhaya’s mother said.

Nirbhaya’s brother is currently undergoing final training with a commercial airline in Gurugram. He will soon be flying a plane, his mother stated.

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