Someone Trolled This Sweeper For Looking At Jewellery, What Followed Is Just The Best Of Humanity

Social media rules our lives now. Our applauds have transformed into retweets and dislikes into angry or sad reactions. We are flooded with information all the time and it is up to us what we make of it. Here’s something that began with cheap, insensitive mocking on social media but then transformed into something beautifully precious.

This story revolves around a Bangladeshi cleaner who was mocked on Instagram for longingly looking inside a jewellery shop. Nazer al-Islam was cleaning the streets when his eyes froze at a jewellery shop. He was dazzled at the sight of sparkling jewels and couldn’t stop staring at them.

Haters couldn’t digest that a man with limited means can want things like other human beings. People disregarded the fact that he too could have dreams, though far-fetched. People from economically weaker sections are considered as someone who can never afford any luxuries in life. Perspectives are personal, but that doesn’t mean people can make them butt of their jokes.

Someone captured that moment in the cell phone and posted on Instagram with a caption, “This man deserves to look only at rubbish.” He was hoping to get massive traction on his post and was expecting it to go viral. However, a man named Abdullah Al-Qahtani was greatly agitated by this insensible commentary on someone’s plight.

Using his Twitter handle “Ensaneyat”, he made this picture viral but in a more sensible fashion. He asked people if they could find this cleaner and to his surprise, one of the many finders spotted Nazer. What followed next was something he couldn’t have ever imagined in his wildest dream.

People showered him with gifts which included jewellery, cash, return tickets to his hometown, bags of rice, an iPhone 7, and a Samsung Galaxy phone to name a few. In an interview with the CNN Nazer said, “I was just doing my job as a cleaner in the municipality and found myself in front of a gold shop. I am very happy about the gifts and feel very thankful.”

Random people stood up for a stranger and placed a tight slap of trolls’ faces. The kindness that followed surely transformed Nazer’s life but even more gripping was the message it sent across the masses. This is a rare story that kept a lingering smile on my face.

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