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Sold Mother’s Jewelry To Chase Dreams, Today Owns Assets Worth Rs 3,300 Cr

He started his career in a travel agency with a monthly salary of Rs 300. No one ever thought that this person will become one of the prominent industrialists of the country with an annual turnover of Rs 3,300 crores! This man has reached immense height through his extreme passion, determination, hard work and zeal to succeed.

There was a time when he had to go through various problems, difficulties, and challenges to inaugurate the concept of private airlines in India. But now he is indeed a unique character who deserves all the possible applause from his fellow countrymen.

Naresh Goyal is the owner of Jet Airways, the largest private airline company in India. In 1949, the king of India’s private Airlines was born in a small business family in Patiala. In his childhood, he witnessed the family business sink in front of his own eyes. To overcome the huge financial loss, his family had to sell everything they owned. At the age of just 12, his life became a never ending struggle. However, Naresh never gave up and continued his studies despite all the hardships.

After finishing his schooling Naresh wanted to become a chartered accountant. But he had to shelve his dreams because of his poor financial status. In 1967, at the age of 18, he finished his B.Com and started working as a cashier in the travel agency owned by his mother’s uncle. While working on a monthly salary of just Rs 300, he got the opportunity to work in several large companies like Royal Jordan Airlines.

In 1969, at the age of 20, Naresh became quite experienced to become the manager of an airline company based out of Iran. He worked in different airlines companies for five years and then decided to open a travel agency of his own.

It was a huge leap to convert a travel agency into a successful airline company. At the age of 25, he sold his mother’s jewelry and got around Rs 15,000. With this amount, he opened a travel agency and soon moved on to launch his dream project The Jet Air with Rs 10,000. Initially, Jet Air worked by providing aid to the foreign airline companies in marketing and sales. In 1991, India stepped into the world of private airlines and taking advantage of this opportunity, Naresh gave his company Jet Air a new dimension in the form of Jet Airlines.

This decision made Naresh one of the most successful businessmen in the country. On April 18, 1993, the first flight of Jet Airways took place from the Santa Cruz Airport in Mumbai. Today, Jet Airways has become the largest airline company in the world. The brand enjoys a share of 32% of the Indian travel market. Currently, Naresh is the 16th richest Indian having assets worth Rs 3,300 crores.

The young boy who once studied under the streetlight has now established a record-breaking company. He is enjoying the fruits of success after chasing his dreams against all odds and dreadful economic condition. He is now a true inspiration for all of us. Even after achieving such monumental success Naresh remains humble and comes across a very helpful person, his colleagues say.

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