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Sold Goods On Cart, Saved Money And Today Employs Dozens Of Poor Like Him

When tiny raindrops come together, they have the ability to change the course of a mighty river. Similarly, even our small efforts can bring about bigger changes in our own as well as others’ life.

Dinesh Prasad Singh from Bihar is a prime example of a person who has reached the top from bottom on the basis of sheer hard work. He never gave up in life even though he had to face countless challenges and had to struggle with extreme poverty. He changed his destiny by keeping his dream alive and moving closer to them each day. Dinesh not only fulfilled his dream of doing something big but also generated employment opportunities to many needy people. He has become the pillar on which several families lean on for their living.

Around seven to eight years ago, Dinesh used to roam on the streets selling small items and somehow managed to feed his family with the money he earned. However, Dinesh always had a strong desire to do something different. So from the very beginning, he started saving small amount even from his meager income by cutting down on his own expenses. In a few years, when the amount of this savings reached around Rs 50,000, Dinesh decided to sell chaat on a cart. Even during those days, he continued to save from his daily income.

As a result, he was soon able to buy another cart to sell chaat. This time, he gave that cart to an unemployed youth from his locality to run it for him against a daily rent of Rs 120. This way the number of carts kept on increasing and gradually he became the messiah of the community who provided employment to many. His novel approach changed many lives, including his.

At present, Dinesh has opened a factory in Chhapra, Bihar. He has tens of youth working with him selling everything from mataka kulfi in summers to chaats, chowmien and other snacks round the year. Today, there are 24 carts doing business on the streets of Chhapra. He also played a key role in making the local women self-reliant by providing employment opportunities to them in his factory where they make items to be sold in the carts. Nowadays, Dinesh even takes big orders for various functions like weddings, parties, get-togethers.

Dinesh says, “The successful operation of the whole business is only on mutual understanding and trust.”

Surendra Pandit, one of the associates of Dinesh, is running one of Dinesh’s carts selling kulfi for the last four years. He thanks Dinesh and says it is because of Dinesh that he is able to feed his family.

Recalling his early days of struggle, Dinesh says, “When I used to sell goods by roaming the alleys, shopkeepers never gave me goods on credit. At that time, I did not have much capital to buy the required amount of goods in bulk. I had to face a lot of difficulties because of this. Since then I had decided that when I will have enough capital, I will work to help the unemployed and needy.”

Dinesh proudly says, “Today, I have the capital and I only offer jobs to the unemployed people and give them goods on the basis of faith only, so that they do not have to face the same problem I once did. They become self-reliant by selling those goods and never cheat me.”

Dinesh has indeed taken a positive step towards eradication of poverty from our society. His scale might be small but it presents an excellent model to be followed. People looking for employment can take inspiration from Dinesh and become self-reliant as well as support their families following his path.

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