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Rising From Delhi Slums, Son Of A Rickshaw Driver All Set To Train At Usain Bolt’s Club

While we are still engrossed in celebrating the advent of new year, there is this boy who is busy adding to the laurels of the nation. It was a creation in heaven when the news broke that Nissar Ahmed, an Indian sprinter, has made it to Jamaica for U-16 training.

Nissar, who has already questioned the records that were set in 100-200 metre in India, is now set to train at Racers Track Club, in Kingston, the land of Usain Bolt, for one whole month. Usain Bolt is a world class athlete and the absolute number one sprinters in his league. Bolt started out by racing for a lunch at school and rest is history.

It is a dream of every sprinter to train with him. Rising from his humble beginnings, Usain has set world records and continues to do so.

A similar story is in making in Bada Bagh Slums in Delhi’s Azadpur area. Nissar, who was born to a rickshaw puller and housemaid, is all set to break the previous records he has made. To stand out from a million adversities is a feat in itself.

It won’t be a hyperbole if we call Nissar an Indian version of Bolt. Although Nissar wasn’t born with ambitions of being a sprinter, his mentor Surrender Singh had an eye for talent and groomed his potential. He somehow convinced his parents to train Nissar to be a sprinter.

They were reluctant at first but upon repeated persuasion they decided to give Nissar the wings to try his flight. Even though Nissar didn’t have the resources but he had conviction and passion similar to Indian sprinter Milkha.

Nissar’s father earned a meagre of Rs 200 a day. This wasn’t sufficient for his training so he borrowed Rs 28,000 for taking care of his expenses. This included Nissar’s kit, gears, food and other amenities. Clearing all the odds Nissar’s training location was taken to Chhatrasal Stadium which was a kilometre away from his home. His mentor was also changed from Surrender Singh to Sunita Rai. Nissar’s training routine started at five am in morning which ended at evening incorporating other routine tasks.

Nissar turned out with flying colours when he broke the record of U-16 100 metre by 0.01 seconds and aced Chandan Bauri in 200 metres in 2013 by 0.03 seconds.

Owing to the splendid performance of Nissar in sprint, this year he is chosen among the 14 budding sprinters who would be training in one of the best tracks and training academies of world. This miraculous initiative is taken by GAIL (Gas Authority of India Limited) and sports Anglian Medal Hunt who are sending aspirants from Odisha, Tamil Nadu, Uttarakhand, Delhi, and Kerala of the age group 15-18 to Jamaica.

The Kingston club has weighed the capabilities of these young athletes and agreed for a four week training program. Despite the facilities not being up to the mark, Nissar challenged the records for 100 and 200 metre race and came out victoriously.

In Vijayawada Junior Nationals, September 2017, his timing of 100 metres race is 10.85 from previous 11 seconds, and for 200 metre race it is 22.08 from 21.73 seconds.

“When I reached Vijayawada, I was nervous because the best runners from the country were going to be there. So I was a bit shocked to see that the second-best runner was almost two metres behind me,” said Nissar.

His coach of four years, Sunita Rai, is extremely proud of his performance and says, “There is a lot of training still to be given to this boy who has the potential to add more laurels to the country and his fraternity.”

This young boy’s achievement tells us however humble your beginnings might be, if you have the true desire to excel and prove your worth to the world, no one can stop you. A proper routine and ability to believe in yourself with hard work can take you miles ahead.

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