Respect! Without Any Coaching, Auto Driver’s Daughter Tops IES In First Attempt

She believed in the dictum that your reach must extend beyond your grasp. If not, what else is the sky for? She worked hard, grabbed all the opportunities, exerted every nerve and came out successful.

Meet Megha Arora, whose story of overcoming odds and making us proud is heart-warming. This 24-year-old is a graduate from Hansraj College, Delhi University, and a postgraduate from Delhi School of Economics (DSE).

Megha’s father Sunil Arora has been an auto rickshaw driver since 1987, ferrying school students in his three-wheeler. As sweat rolled down his forehead he would vizualize his daughter’s bright future. He always made sure that his daughter got quality education which he couldn’t. According to him, Megha was always a bright student. In STD 12, she scored 95 percent with PCM, but later opted for B.Com and M.Com. She cleared the IES exam in her first attempt itself without ever taking any  coaching.

Megha, who appeared along with 15 other candidates from DSE Delhi School of Economics, was the only one to clear the examination with interview from her batch. “It was a friend’s suggestion to appear for the IES examinations, I had my basic concepts clear and just needed an extra 8 to 12 hours of daily study to go through the syllabus of IES,” says Megha in an interview.

Her mother Savita, a primary school teacher said, “Megha is the only person in our family to have qualified for such a top-level government job. As her parents, we are very proud of her achievements.”

According to Megha she was always uninterested in the corporate world and she says, “I never wanted to work for a private firm, as it was less productive for me. Even though I have cleared IES, I will still continue to pursue PhD.” Megha is all set to begin her 18-month training for the service, beginning December 11.

Her dedication, hard work and her parent’s unrelenting support is the reason behind her remarkable success. By topping one of the most difficult exams of India Megha has set an example for thousands of students like her. We wish her all the best for her future and may she continue to inspire others.

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