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Read: Heroics Of Anupama Kohli Who Saved 261 Lives With Her Prompt Mid-Air Action

On a usual Wednesday morning, a couple of hundred people were set to reach their destinations. Some of them were travelling to Bhopal and others to Pune. Little did they know that the flight they had boarded will get stuck in tragedy mid-way in the air, risking their lives.

But in between all the mishap, there was one person who rose as a hero, saving lives of 261 people. Air India’s pilot Anupama Kohli saved the day using her grit and determination, and also her experience of 20 years.

On February 7, Air India’s Airbus A-319 was enroute from Mumbai to Bhopal and Vistara’s A-320 Neo was flying from Delhi to Pune. That was when mid-air tragedy averted, as both the flights reached seconds away from each other with a mere distance of 100-feet between them.

Vistara aircraft was assigned the level of 29,000 feet which descended to 27,000 feet. The commander had taken a toilet break and as per rules, an air hostess was in the cockpit along with the woman co-pilot who was controlling the flight.

The Air Traffic Controller (ATC) was communicating with both the women pilots in those nervous seconds, and there was a confusion in communicating as which instruction is given to which lady.

Anupama, who was controlling the AI flight, saw the Vistara aircraft approaching in her direction. The ATC asked the Vistara co-pilot, “Why are you on this level?” Confused, the co-pilot told them, “No, you told me to come to this level.”

Anupama could hear all this. She could see the Vistara plane coming close from her left. The red sign went up in the cockpit and she understood that the Vistara plane was crossing her level at that exact moment. She could not afford to waste even a second, and decided to take matter in her own hands.

Instantly, a resolution advisory (RA) came, “Climb, climb, climb.” Captain Anupama, without wasting even a second, climbed and turned right to avoid the Vistara plane. Anupama took AI up from Vistara, increasing the distance between both the flights from 100 feet to a safe 600 feet, flying away safely clear of conflict.

In what could have been one of India’s major mid-air crash, this woman’s wit and presence of mind  saved so many people. We applaud Anupama’s spirits and her intelligence to act in the exact moment.

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