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Rare Blood Group Man’s Act Towards A Pregnant Woman Is Epitome Of Selflessness. Read:

Blood is the most essential component of our body. It is responsible for all the functions that our body carries out. One out of every 10 patients in the hospital needs blood to recover from their ailments completely. Hence, blood donation is the noblest deed one can do in their lifetime, as it could give a new life to the one fighting to regain their health.

The only constraint is that there needs to be compatibility of the blood group between the donor and recipient. The HH negative blood group, also known as Bombay blood group, is the rarest of all.

Extraordinary gesture

Aditya Hedge, a 34-year-old finance manager in Bengaluru, has HH negative blood group. This blood group is present only in one amongst 10,000 Indians. In simple terms, it means that if ever Aditya meets with an emergency, it will be a herculean task to arrange for some blood for him. In a country where thousands of blood-starved people lose their life despite having a common blood group, one can only hope to be safe and never encounter an emergency.

Which is why when Aditya heard about a 21-year-old pregnant woman in dire need of HH negative blood, he wasted no time in attending her. The young woman was undergoing labour, in Chennai, and her life depended on a donor, which was nowhere to be found.

Disregarding the fact that this lady was a complete stranger, Aditya immediately booked an overnight train ticket to Chennai, and reached the hospital just in time to donate his rare, priceless blood. Only because of this man’s prompt action and selfless service, the woman safely gave birth to a baby girl. Both the mother and child are healthy now.

Ramu, the woman’s uncle exclaims, “Hedge was God sent. I don’t know what we would have done if he had not come here.” He was touched by the humility and selflessness of Aditya and couldn’t thank him enough.

55 donations till now

Being the carrier of the rarest blood type, Aditya often gets calls for blood donation. But, for the same reason, he also feels scared sometimes. He knows that as long he is healthy he is able to donate blood but what when he will need it himself. It is a tough task finding someone with this rare blood group type.

“This is such a rare blood group that I wonder what would happen if I am in a situation where I need blood,” says Aditya.

But despite all the odds, it does not stop him from donating blood. Since 2000, he has donated blood 55 times saving lives of tumour patients, cancer patients and pregnant women. People from places as far as Delhi, Hubli, Shivamogga, Pakistan, Malaysia and Sri Lanka have received his blood.

A true hero

Aditya says, “Most of the times, I do not even get to know who is the recipient of the blood I donate, especially if it’s in another city. Usually, the blood is taken here in Bengaluru itself. It has a shelf life of 35 days and is couriered in an ice box to the particular hospital and recipient.”

He is also closely related to Sankalp India Foundation, an NGO that connects people in need of blood to their recipients, and he always obliges whenever anyone needs him.

We need more aware citizens like him who turn up to support each other in the hour of need. The action of these philanthropists in various form make us feel secure about life and give us the courage to take leaps, knowing there is someone right there to catch us when we fall.

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