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This Raipur DSP Patrols With Her Baby In Arms, Considers Duty Above Everything

Today, women are maintaining an excellent balance between their personal and professional life. However, this cannot be held true for the ones working in police services as it demands odd shifts and rigorous on-duty deliveries. But this woman’s dedication is of a whole another level.

It is tremendously inspiring to see Raipur Deputy Superintendent of Police Archana Jha at work. It is common for women to quit their jobs after marriage or pregnancy, but Archana has set a remarkable example. At the time of pregnancy, when a lady is supposed to rest and take care of herself, this lady cop was patrolling on the streets of Chhattisgarh ensuring security ahead of PM’s visit. For seven days straight, she was seen working with utmost conviction. Her dedication and devotion towards her work grabbed eyeballs.

“Police services is challenging. But I don’t see any reason to take undue advantage of being a woman, carrying a baby in my womb, or for nursing a toddler.”

Archana says about her challenges that “When my daughter Anvita came into our lives, I had to take care of her, undertake responsibility of my family, as well as fulfil duties towards my job. During these hard times, my in-laws and my husband supported me immensely and because of their support I was able to carry out my responsibilities. But when my daughter was too young, I had to take her along with me and do the night patrolling.”

Few months ago, a kidnapping case in Durg district of Chhattisgarh was solved by Jha and her team in just 24 hours. For this she was felicitated by the Chief Minister and the Governor of Chhattisgarh, and is regularly showered with praises within the department, too. Because of her diligence and commitment, Archana has emerged as a role model for other women in her department. Be it challenging election duty or the security responsibilities during IPL matches, this super cop has always fulfilled her responsibilities exceptionally well in the male-dominated crime branch.

Archana comes from a family where no one has ever worked for the police department. Daughter of a teacher, she has become the chief crime branch officer purely because of her hard work, dedication, and passion. Jha says, she had never thought of working as a cop but she always wanted to excel in any field she pursues. However, it is a concern that workplaces still do not have childcare facilities.

“Archana says, God has made women special, in times of difficulties they don’t panic instead they face all the difficulties with patience and get through all the challenges of life.”

In the year 2007, two big changes took place in Archana’s life. First she got selected for the police services, and second she got married. During this period, she accepted the challenging task of juggling two very different spheres of life. Archana’s father-in-law is an officer with the police services. In tough times, her mother-in-law and advocate husband stood by her.

Archana could have asked for some discount stating her newborn, and she would have given some relief, too. It is truly women empowerment when ladies are stern about fulfilling their duties, instead of simply demanding their rights. She has shown ways to millions of women who want to be known for their grit and commitment towards their duty.

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