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Quit World’s Top Firm Tesla To Return To Homeland And Make These Wonder Vehicles

Sky is the limit for some people. They are the brainiac who do extraordinary work. A similarly gifted person is Delhi-based Naman Chopra, founder and CEO of Rexnamo Electro Pvt. Ltd, a hotelier and automotive writer.

When Naman was 12-year-old, he started working on his first car, a little two-seater sports car on a Maruti Van platform. He finished making at the age of 14 and named it ‘Solid’. A year later, he built an improved version of Solid by modifying a Cielo into a six-seater Black Stretch limousine. 

In talks with KenFolios, this genius tells the reason he left Tesla Motors to start his own company in India and his journey.

Naman completed his schooling from India and went to the US in 2006 to study engineering from the Purdue University. He started learning about electricity as an alternate fuel and decided to develop his own electric engine for a motorbike in college. In 2010, he started working in Tesla Motors for a couple of years.

Naman worked alongside the most revered new-age entrepreneur Elon Musk. Sometime later, he decided to return to India to solve the problem of electric mobility. He quit his job and came back to Ghaziabad and started Rexnamo Electro Pvt. Ltd. “When I was working in Tesla Motors, I thought that I can do this in India. So I came back and started working on the prototype of making electric vehicles,” says Naman. His prototype is ready and he works on people’s demands and requirements. 

Coming back and starting a company had its own set of challenges. “There were many problems like custom clearances, and mainly the product quality. The quality can only be understood after the product is tested. There are times when the products are of bad quality and it goes to waste that causes huge monetary losses,” he mentions. Naman is making India’s fastest electric bike that has unbelievable features.

It goes from zero to 60 km/hr in less than six seconds, accesses more than 170 kmph and gets charged in less than an hour.

On the ban of old diesel and petrol cars in Delhi NCR, Naman says, these cars can be revived and made electric if the body is not rusted. “It can be made reusable, depending on a person’s budget and requirements.” The vehicles are made depending on the customer’s requirements and budget, starting from Rs 2 lakh and goes upto more than Rs 30 lakh.

Naman has bagged many awards for his excellent work. He was awarded the Youth Entrepreneur Green Award by the Renewable Energy Expo and IYCN. He was also invited by IIT Gandhinagar to showcase his Electric Superbikes. Naman was recognised by the Rotary International as a Paul Harris Fellow for donation to Rotary Foundation. He has also won many awards in fields of computers, renewables, design, golf and car racing.

Currently, Naman is working on prototyping and sampling of vehicles. He has a team of 15 engineers in his company. There is no access in the sales of electric vehicles as of now and it will start shortly. Talking about the future, Naman says, “People dream of flying cars and that is possible in the coming years. We are working on the designs and how to go about it.”

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