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Quit Career In Wall Street To Train 50,000 Indian Start-Ups And Counting

India is exploding both in terms of population and start-ups. We have also come to realize that technology was not a fad, and is here to stay. It is rare that amidst this growing cutthroat competition someone comes forward to help start-ups bloom and flourish. Meet the man of rare talent Basesh Gala who has founded 39 Solutions, a start-up training organization.

Son of retailer, Basesh was born in Mumbai where he was exposed to seeing businesses happening all around him. He moved to US after his engineering and pursued an MBA course. Gaining education was just one way to strengthen his business and entrepreneurial skills. Even before he found a stable job, Basesh made it clear that he want to strive on his own.

“I didn’t want parents to sponsor my education because it was necessary for me to feel the prick. I won scholarships to fund my higher studies,” Basesh tells KenFolios.

This rare form of integrity and dedication was also followed by an undying thirst for knowledge. Although his formal education ended in 2007 but he has acquired over 11 other educational qualifications since then. It wasn’t necessary for him as he was working with investment banks and consulting organisations all over the world, including Wall Street.

Life took a turn while Basesh was working in Wall Street. He was called back home to tie a knot. This was a time when he, with all his knowledge and experience, could take a closer look at the state of SMEs and start-ups in India. He began mulling about their quality, worthiness, and utility in the vast Indian market.

Basesh found out that a large number of start-ups were funded from overseas while large-scale businesses were supported through bank loans and/or support from government. He had set his heart on training these start-ups and other companies to hit their goals.

In April 2014, Basesh founded 39 solutions with a vision to up the local game to a global standard. In past three years, he has trained over 50,000 start-ups and counting. This is a huge number considering every norm, but mostly that it is his first entrepreneurial venture. Undoubtedly, all these feats came to him after a period of toil.

For the initial duration of six months, there was zero revenue generation because of which Basesh had to fund the business on his own, without any outside support. After six months, an idea struck him and he started doing road shows. This was a fresh trick which flooded him with clients and the ball started rolling.

It was very clear that 39 Solutions had to put an acute focus on creating value. Basesh’s efforts started bearing fruits and brought him fame, awards, and appreciation from government. Every business they help would spread the word among their peers and a strong brand identity was built.

Currently, 39 Solutions functions 50 percent from Mumbai and the rest from other parts of the country. 39 Solutions is aiming to train one millions start up by 2025. It is also aspiring to launch branches in a few tier I and tier II cities. The organization head is now also looking to empower women entrepreneurs who can start something of their own and take care of it.

There are 54 permanent employees and freelancers on contract basis with the company. Despite being bootstrapped or self-funded, their annual revenue today runs in crores.

His organisation caters to all sort of businesses ranging from food industry, service industry to textile industry. He has a varying client size ranging from a company worth Rs 25 lakh to Rs 1,000 crore. He dedicates all his achievement to mediation that keeps him calm and helps him make swifter decisions.

Basesh’s let go of a plush career abroad and made several sacrifices to become a helping hand for Indian start-ups. In 2006, he was awarded by Dr APJ Abdul Kalam and in 2017, 39 Solutions has won the best training award in world. His funda for success is, “Always believe in creating values for others, if you can do this wealth will automatically get created.”

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