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Pune Shop’s Tandoor Tea Idea Is Selling Like Hot Cakes. Check It Out:

As the rain-laden-clouds hover in the sky, a cup of hot tea is all it takes for one to feel rejuvenated. As the rain drops fall, sweet earthy fragrance blends with the cured leaves, refreshing your mind. Today, we take you to a tea shop that serves this evergreen beverage with a twist you’d never expect.

Meet Amol Dilip Rajdeo, a 29-year-old BSc graduate, who is taking Pune city by storm with his innovative tea corner, Chai La: the Tandoor Tea. Yes, tandoor! This man has found a way to prepare tea using tandoors and kullads, making people go crazy over it.

Birth of Chai La

Amol grew up in Pune, Maharashtra. During his summer vacations in school, he would visit his grandmother’s place. One day, he saw his naani heating the turmeric milk in an earthen pot (matka). He would often have the milk that his nani prepared but never saw the procedure. But when he did, he was amazed by the method.
After completing his studies, Amol decided to take his nani’s recipe forward. The turmeric milk had blossomed into an idea inside his head. So he opened Chai La: the Tandoor Tea in Rakshaknagar Lane, Kharadi in Pune.

How it’s made

What makes their tea special and enough to impress customers is its preparation. They put to roast empty kulhads on high heat. Once they become hot, semi-cooked tea is poured in it. The high temperature of the kulhads adds a smoky flavor in the tea. It is then poured to another clean kulhad and served. Before even taking a sip, the tea catches attention of the customers with its preparation.

”We have received many positive reviews from our customers. They love it. They compare it to popping bubble wraps,” tells Amol in an interview with KenFolios. He says that his venture shot to fame because of social media. The videos of Chai La, that went viral, have ensured that they are not running out of customers anytime soon.

Spreading the operation

Although they only have one outlet in Pune as of now, they are soon planning to start spreading their business throughout the country and into foreign lands as well.
“We want to add more shops in Pune. We also have some investors in Dubai who want to support us in opening shops in Dubai. We also have some investors in Canada who might want to support us,” tells Amol, discussing his future plans.

Amol also has plans to take out some new dishes very soon. He says he has some recipes that he’d like to try out. Chai La sells beverages like chai, lemon tea, black tea, coffee, black coffee, turmeric milk, etc, all prepared with the use of tandoors and kulhads. Apart from beverages they also sell snacks like bun maska, bread omelet, biscuits and a lot more.

By giving a twist to a traditional recipe, Amol’s venture has become a go-to place for every tea lover. We wish him luck for his future endeavors and hope that his nani’s recipe reaches every part of the world.

If you like this story, share it. tell us your views by writing in the comment box below. We read each one of them.

If you like this story, share it. tell us your views by writing in the comment box below. We read each one of them.

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