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Must Read Story Of A Man Who Built Rs 10,000 Crore Business From Nothing

Destiny’s child or hardcore perfectionist

When people fail they blame the situations, lack of support from others, luck and dozens of unrelated things. The man we are introducing to you today could have done the same thing. Afterall, he had a disastrous life ahead of him when he was only a little boy.

Lacking education, support from family and society, this man learned skills of civil engineering without any formal training. After all the hardwork when he was about to find some opportunity, he only had Rs 50 in the name of capital.

PNC Menon was just 10-year-old when his father died bringing his family face to face with all kinds of social and financial insecurity. The position at home was tumbling down speedily; so much so that paying fee became difficult. Somehow, he completed his school and enrolled in a local college in Thrissur, Kerala to study B.Com.

But the situation at home was not so smooth. He could not pay his college fee which is why he had to leave his degree midway. The need was to earn money and he started doing odd jobs to fuel his home.

Without any formal training, he started taking up small designing jobs. His dedication helped him developed an ability to deliver high-quality interior and civil work. Despite having best of the skills and hardwork he could not get any satisfactory contracts. Challenging all odds he continued learning top practices of the industry.

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