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Parents Of Special Needs Child This Is How Rahul & Tulika Decided To Change Lives

Birth of a child is a major turning point in parents’ life but when their newborn suffers from congenital anomalies, parents require a lot of external help as well as preparation to handle the special needs. When Rahul Verma and wife Tulika Verma gave birth to Arjunuday, who was born with imperforate anus and other congenital disorders, they decided to take a huge step.

In 2007, the couple co-founded Uday Foundation, an organization for supporting families who have children suffering from congenital defects.

Bringing Comfort

The Delhi-based foundation by Rahul and Tulika works for children welfare, supports children with medical needs, provides disaster relief and ensures dignity to the homeless.

Rahul and Tulika with their son Arjunday

They understand that birth of children with congenital issues completely transforms the life of parents and change their personal goals. It becomes most important to devote more time in understanding the social issues these children go through and the importance of creating an environment in which these children can live a normal life.

Uday Foundation helps children as well as their families in this mission. They help these children engage in various social activities such as inviting the film actors to celebrate children’s day within the foundation. They regularly conduct weekly sessions to provide the children associated with that organization an environment which they actually deserve.

Kids’ Medical Needs

Rahul Verma: Co-founder of the non-profit organization Uday Foundation

The Foundation runs a clinic to provide medical aid to underprivileged patients and critically ill children free of cost. They run a unique program ‘storytelling for children in the hospital’, where volunteers can visit hospitals and narrate stories to the sick children. Several notable celebrities have participated in this program, including Bollywood actor Ranbir Kapoor, senior journalist Ravish Kumar, IPS HGS Dhaliwal. The Foundation primarily runs on public donations.

Banning Junk Food

In 2010, the foundation filed a Public Interest Litigation in Delhi High Court to ban junk food and carbonated drinks in the schools. The litigation was also to discourage the availability of fast food and other unhygienic foods within 500 yards of the school campus. It further directs the Union of India and the Government of Delhi to develop a comprehensive school canteen policy, emphasizing healthy nutrition among school-going children.

Members of the foundation celebrating Arjunday’s birthday

Internet De-addiction

The foundation started Delhi’s first internet de-addiction center in 2014 to provide counseling to children suffering from the internet addiction and related disorders. It indulges children in real-life activities such as interactive education, science-based unique programming and device-free retreats (reading books).

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