Parents Shut Them In Home All Day, Look Who Opened Them To Education!

Parents go to construction site for work leaving their children back at home doing nothing. This practice results in loss of education and knowledge for those children who grow up to share the same fate as their parents. Despite their best of efforts, they cannot escape the cycle of poverty.

Few architecture students of Jamia Millia University noticed the need of these children understood the helplessness of their parents. Ramu is one such kid, whose parents daily make a walk towards the construction site in the Jamia Millia Islamia University, leaving back Ramu to take care of his little sister who often remains unwell. Ramu on his part being an eight-year-old boy possibly tried out all the options to convince his parents to send him to school but had no solution for his sister.

The architecture students decided to provide primary education to the children living in the settlement where the construction workers reside. They came up with a makeshift school named Parwaaz for the underprivileged children. Parwaaz means flight as these students are given wings  through education.

Converting the barren land next to the hostel construction site into a school, the students of the University started off their journey to shape the life’s of the children.

Faiz Ahmed, a third year architecture student who built the school said, they were given an assignment to develop a waste area for the welfare of the society. So they decided to do something closer to home. The land which earlier was a garbage dump place was now transformed into a school using scrap, like tin sheds, barrels, discarded tyres, etc.

Also one of the teachers who is a third year architecture student named Musharrifa says, “Our intention is to impart basic education. We emphasize more on moral education and teach them basic arithmetic and languages. Some of them have started going to the municipal schools but most of them are far away from formal education.”

The students have all together contributed money and created a door out of discarded tiles through which the students get a feeling of entering the school. Green grass and mats spread under tree shade is the classroom, where also in the break-time children get to swing on the tyres which are hung on the tree and to play the drums made out of canisters.

One of the children named Promila says, they are being taught basic numerical in Hindi and English along with ABCD. The smile and satisfaction in the faces of these kids had motivated many others.

Their contribution to the society is looked upon and so other students have also started showing interest in teaching, making themselves a part of this initiative.

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