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Parents Of Intellectually-Challenged Woman Make Sure She Lives Well Even After Their Death

Parenting is a never-ending process. Life of a parent is in many ways an extended saga of unconditional love for the child. Perhaps our parents are the only people who willingly put our happiness before their own whenever the situation demands. Similarily, an elderly couple from Kerala has shown that parents are worried for their children’s welfare not just when they are around but also beyond life.

N Kamalasan (77) and CK Sarojini (71) in an unprecedented gesture of pure parental love, have come up with a way to ensure a happy life for their daughter even after their demise.

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Their 37-year-old daughter Priya has lived under their loving protection all her life. Priya is intellectually challenged but to Kamalasan and Sarojini she means the whole world. The family has been living together contentedly ever since Priya was born. But the couple’s old age had set Kamalasan worrying about their daughter’s future after their deaths.

They were well aware that Indian society by and large is very insensitive toward people with developmental disabilities.

The father says, “If she is handed over to the custody of relatives, there is no guarantee that they will look after her. We have several instances of mentally-challenged persons being killed by relatives to seize the property left behind by their parents.’’ Source: The Indian Express


After a lot of deliberation, the old couple decided that they would hand over their properties to the Kerala government asking them to convert the properties into centres for challenged women

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The Kerala Social Welfare Department has already taken over one of their houses and 83 cents of land at Kayila village in Kollam district. The current value of this property stands at Rs 3 crore. They’re confident that Priya will find a safe home in this centre.

At present, 10 people can be accommodated in that house. Social Welfare minister KK Shylaja has assured that the house will be speedily converted into a residential rehab center for the intellectually-challenged with an increased accomodation capacity. Adequate medical facilities will also be provided at the centre.

Kamalasan and Sarojini expressed their desire that the centre be named after their daughter and the government has been happy to oblige. In addition, the couple in their will have also ensured that their other two houses will also handed over to the government for the same purpose. The value of these properties is an estimated Rs 4 crore.

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The couple is elated that the government has been so eager to heed to their request. Kamalasan said, “The government action has come as a big relief. The government has promised to make the house ready for challenged women. We will have nothing to worry. Our daughter can be quickly moved to that house. She can live in a homely atmosphere. Otherwise, she may have had to wander after our death.”

Kerala Mental Health Authority Secretary Dr Jayaprakash also expressed his elation and appreciation of this noble decision. This move is sure to inspire other people to be more welcoming and accepting of the differently abled. Kamalasan and Sarojini have made it clear that every child irrespective of his or her abilities deserves unconditional positive regard. They have taught the world an invaluable lesson in parenting.

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