Constable On Maternity Leave Rushed To Breastfeed Baby Left By Drunk Mother

On the last day of 2018, a woman constable in Hyderabad found herself in such a situation where she went beyond the call of duty and breastfed a child that was wailing in hunger. It might have been the obvious thing to do given the circumstances but it is a fact that people do not display such empathy for strangers. But she did.

A woman in drunken state approached a man near Osmania General Hospital in Hyderabad and handed over her two-month-old baby to him for a short while. She said she would be back in a minute. However, she did not turn up and the man panicked as the baby started crying. He waited and waited for her but in the end decided to take the baby back to his house to feed the baby some milk but it did not work.

On advice of his family members he approached the police station and handed over the baby to the authorities. There a constable on night duty informed his wife of the baby's plight, who is also a constable at another station but was currently on maternity leave. The young mother understood the plight of the baby and rushed to the spot to feed her.

"After I received the call, I immediately booked a cab and rushed towards the police station where she was brought," constable Priyanka told ANI.

"I am a mother to a small baby, so I understood she was crying because of hunger. I immediately breastfed her and she calmed down," she said.

Later, the baby was shifted to a government hospital. The mother of the baby claimed that she had forgotten the area where she had given the baby to the man as she was drunk at that time.

During efforts to trace the mother, police found a woman crying at Chanchalguda area, who narrated the sequence of events. The woman claimed that she had forgotten the area where she had given the baby to the man as she was drunk at that time. She was then taken to the hospital, where she identified her child.

After verification and confirmation, the baby was handed over to the woman. Top officials of Hyderabad city police after knowing about the incident appreciated and awarded the constable couple for their noble gesture.

Courtesy: ANI

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