This Rs 20,000 Wedding Shows How It's Better Than Flashy Weddings

I challenge you to find one wedding where the guests did not find fault with either the menu, the decorations, or the amount of attention and hospitality they received from the hosts. This discontentment has nothing to do with the budget. in general, people do not have regards for your efforts or how much sleep the couple lost planning their wedding details.

Guest's dissatisfaction with even the most extravagant weddings is as old as the tradition of weddings itself.

The recent months in India have been about vulgar concept of multiple receptions, thousands of man-hours spent on a dress, over the board decorations and agonising coverage of the same. Our social media feeds have been bombed with headlines and reactions to the celeb weddings for weeks now but here's a breath of fresh air coming from our sibling from 1947, Pakistan.

Rizwan took to Twitter to share about his small-budget wedding which hit the right notes. He only saw the people who were happy to see him enter a new phase of life and spent all his time making merry with his loved ones (as opposed to shooting for wedding photographers until one's mouth hurts.


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Remember, guys. It is always smart to use your finances well rather than splurging it all on one day. The point is to have a good time with people whom you love and who love you back. Focus on that and do not get illusioned by the hype around multi-crore weddings. 

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