Woah! 15-Yr-Old Blind Girl Set Right Molester In Mumbai Local Calls For Standing Ovation

One can have a better shot at spotting a unicorn on than finding an Indian girl who has never experienced any kind of sexual misconduct in her life. Every woman you know has felt the disgust at public places where people shamelessly stare at their breasts making them conscious and ashamed of their own bodies. This whole dynamics can begin to change if our women are strong enough to take on perverts themselves and announce to the world that bad behavior will not go scot-free. Showing us the way is 15-year-old Bhoomi Kamble (name changed) who has surely made her molester and the likes of him scared, very very scared.

On the morning of December 17, Bhoomi and her 56-year-old father boarded a compartment reserved for differently-abled passengers on 8.15 am local from Dadar to Kalyan. The accused, Vishal Baliram Singh (24), had his eyes on this 'disabled girl' and her frail, elderly father. This seemed like a good opportunity to him to unleash his pervert side as he did not see any chance of the girl retaliating against his abuse.

Spotting a weak target


Vishal strategically stood right behind Bhoomi and started touching her indecently. He must have predicted this to go on for tens of minutes or may be at least until the next station where he could quickly get off and pat himself for having some 'fun' on the way. But, oh boy was he wrong.

The moment Bhoomi sensed she was being molested she exactly knew how to bring this episode to a befitting end. She neither panicked nor got scared because she knew she had the training to tackle a situation like this. Without any warning, she turned towards Vishal and got a tight grip on his wrist. She then twisted it to a point that he fell to his knees and started screaming in pain. When all others passengers, including his father, saw the man wailing in pain, Bhoomi confronted him and told everyone about his astray actions.

Bhoomi was prepared for a circumstance like this, thanks to her training in and . The moment she sensed an uninvited touch on her body she was confident that she can take on the perpetrator. If all our girls undergo some sort of training in self-defence they will never have to face fear or undergo the trauma of being a victim to sexual abuse.

A lesson he won't ever forget

“We are always easy targets for creeps like Vishal. “Our school teaches us self-defense and karate as part of our curriculum, so we can face the world despite our disability. I want the man to suffer, to ensure he does not repeat the act with any other ‘easy target’,” says Bhoomi with an infectious confidence.

Bhoomi was much smaller in built as compared to Vishal but her tight grip on his wrist was doing more than just restoring the balance. Till they got to the next station Matunga, she held the man with flawless technique.


"Her technique was so perfect, Singh’s fingers would have broken if she had not eased her grip soon enough. She did not seem scared at all, and boldly told us to arrest Vishal,” a railway police officer told Hindustan Times.

Vishal, who works with a private firm as a computer maintenance technician, is now in police remand and charges of molestation, travelling in the handicap compartment illegally, and travelling without a ticket have been pressed against him.

Ensure that women around you are trained in self-defense of some form and feel confident to take on any sexual predator if need be. Bhoomi is certainly an example we must set for our girls.

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