Indian Navy Is Sinking This Ship For An Astounding Reason

Puducherry has a lot of things and places to entice any visitor, be it its brightly painted houses, large boulevards, gothic churches and colonial buildings, serene backwaters or pristine beaches laden with soft sand and adventurous water sports. Talking of water sports, Puducherry will soon house India's first underwater museum.


The Indian Navy has decided to sink its ship, a minesweeper vehicle named INS Cuddlore, 7 kms away from the coast of Puducherry at a depth of 26 meters, hoping to boost tourism in this part of the country. The ship was recently decommissioned in March after it traveled 30,000 nautical miles in 30 years.

The Indian Navy, along with the Puducherry Government, the National Institute of Ocean Technology, National Centre for Coastal Research (two Chennai based national laboratories) and PondyCan, a NGO which works to preserve and enhance the natural, social, cultural and spiritual environment, are jointly working on the project, which will not only boost tourism but will also help in enhancing the marine habitat.

We studied the water quality and benthic organisms in a 500m radius to find the impact the ship may have. We also chose the location as the seabed is sandy and water becomes calm beyond a certain depth. - MV Ramanamurthy, the Director of NCCR to TOI.

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INS Cuddlore is a huge vessel measuring 12 meters (width) 60 meters ( length), which will make sure that it is visible from the above, Along with that a 29-metre tall mast of the ship will also be jutting out to help the tourist locate the ship. The authorities are also planning to deploy 3 meters radius, water buoys which will help in taking visitors for boat rides.

The authorities hope that algae and barnacles grow onto its surface. Because once the marine plants take over the ship, it will attract various species of fish, turtles and other aquatic animals.

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President of the Pondy Can, Probir Bannerjee, told the press that once the marine organisms will begin arriving at the underwater museum site, life forms at different levels will be present for the tourist to witness. This will supposedly improve the marine bio diversity and give a push to the fishing industry.

According to TOI, it will also boost underwater sports like scuba diving and snorkeling. For this a passage for the divers will be made, to help the divers have a safe yet adventurous experience.

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