Incredible: Man Gave 27 Yrs Of His Life To Dig Pond, Solve His Village's Water Crisis

He carved out one acre, 15 feet deep pond and nothing could stop him.

Although two-thirds of our planet is water, we face an acute water shortage. India is now facing a water situation that is significantly worse than any previous generations have had to face. There are so many places in the country where human beings are deprived of drinking water, raising a question on their survival. People are losing their families because they could not satiate their thirst.

In the north-western part of Chhattisgarh lies Saja Pahad village in Koriya district, a place which is still in the dark, as it does not have electricity or proper roads. On top of that, the villagers are deprived of drinking water and had to fetch water from a handful of wells available in the area. That was when water crisis hit the village resulting in helplessness of the villagers.


The cattles were dying and there was no water for agriculture. In such situation, there was nothing a person could do. But there was a young boy who emerged as a savior and did the unbelievable. Meet Shyam Lal who dug and enlarged an entire pond single-handedly, as a 15-year-old, to save the people in his village. He completed the daunting task in 27 years.

No one helped me in my work, neither the administration nor the villagers, said Shyam.

Shyam took it upon himself to solve the problem of water shortage in his village. He identified a spot where he could find water and started digging the ground with his spade. He carved out a one-acre, 15 feet deep pond on his own.

Shyam, who is 42 now, was subjected to mockery and laughter from the villagers, as they thought that his work is illogical. But that did not Shyam from doing his work, as he knew that someday the same people will reap the fruits of his hard work. And that was what happened.

Today, the villagers use water from the pond and are thankful to Shyam. For them, Shyam is a hero and their savior. The local MLA Shyam Bihari Jaiswal visited the village and rewarded Shyam with Rs 10,000 for his work. Narendra Duggal, the district collector of Koriya said, “I came to know about Shyam recently. His effort for his village is commendable and I will go to his village to provide him all possible help.”

It is people like Shyam who make us believe that hard work goes nowhere. If you are persistent and do your work with determination, success will definitely come at your feet.

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