How Transgenders Saved Girl Who Was Betrayed & Sold Off By Her Own Parents

Human trafficking is a disgrace to humanity. A lot of innocent child are abducted and sold to traffickers just for money. These traffickers either resell them or compel them to do inappropriate things outraging their decency. But this case was more heart wrenching because the ones who showed such cruelty to this little girl from Bihar were her own. This innocent little girl was sold by her own parents to some trafficker. She would have lost her modesty, her freedom, her future to it, but she was a warrior who kept fighting back and luckily found a group of compassionate transgenders who escorted her out of darkness.

Act that killed humanity

This 15-year-old girl hailing from Nawada, Bihar had no idea that her parents whom she loved unconditionally will trade her to some 50 year old man in exchange for one and half lakh rupees. Before selling her forcefully, they constantly put pressure on her to get married to which she rebuffed. She was in standard ninth only and wanted to study further. When her parents realized that they can’t do it by force, they baited her into a trap with the help of two of her uncles.


Besides my parents, my two uncles intoxicated me before selling me. When I regained consciousness, I put up a strong opposition and denied to go with the groom. But my parents and uncles cheated with me, saying the man had no intention to marry me. Instead, he would keep me like his daughter and provide all opportunity for further studies in achieving a bright career. I gave up and went with him to Giridih,” reported the girl to police.

Assaulted by her own

When that man took her with him, he tried to rape her but she fled back to her home and reported everything to her parents. Instead of supporting and rescuing their daughter, they assaulted her and sent her back to the same monster. Later, the man convinced her to go with him for honeymoon and boarded a train to Pune where the girl overheard his conversation with someone on the phone and realized that he was going to resell her for rupees six lakh who would have put her into flesh trade. But this girl didn’t give up and fought back. As soon as the train reached Allahabad railway station she met a group of transgenders to whom she narrated her agony. 


Compassion is not gender biased

These transgenders restored her faith in humanity and showed her sympathy and support which she needed the most. They rescued her and took her to Pandit Deen Dayal Upadhyay (Mughalsarai) station. They escorted the girl to her married cousin sister safely at Bare village in Kaimur district and informed her parents. Even after all this, her mother threatened her to get back to the darkness she once fled but she was stronger now and denied it. Her mother even lodged an FIR against the girl’s brother-in-law but it did rebuttal on her only. 

The girl is safe and sound now with the intervention of Police and she is now protected under Child Marriage Act and relevant sections of POCSO Act. This matter will be looked after by sub divisional police officer, Bhabua, Ajay Prasad.

The girl was lucky to have found these compassionate humans, but there are several others who aren’t lucky. Cases like these require keen observation because most of the times the culprits are hidden in plain sight.

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