Unheard Village Now In Headlines For Teaching The World How To Dispose Plastic

Eradicating plastic from our vicinity in a safer way has become the most crucial issue in the era of rapid industrialization. While we make an effort to go green, the shackles of plastic pull us behind. While the world was using narrow minded and primitive methods to get rid of plastic, this small village in Kerala showed the world how to do it and in return get profited from the proper disposal of plastic. The method was highly effective and eco friendly and also able to contribute to the development of backward areas of the nation.

Unheard village now in headlines

Nedumgandam was an unknown village of Kerala until recently when it revealed its futuristic waste management methods to the whole world. This village joined hand with Clean Kerala Company, an initiative by the state government to recycle plastic and used it for the construction of roads that will be facilitating villages. The Panchayat of Nedumgandam collected plastic from houses, schools and hospitals through Harithasena, the Kudumbasree’s green army, which collects plastic and non-bio-degradable waste. This collected waste was then sold to Clean Kerala Company that processed it further in a scientific way to obtain bitumen and sold it to government and private construction companies.


(Segregating waste)

Generating revenue

This idea is also giving a chance to the Panchayat to earn a decent amount of money. Till now, they have earned 62,472 rupees by selling 4,164.83 kg of recycled plastic trash and have kept 10,000 kg of processed plastic waste and 3,000 kg of organic fertilizers for sale. Panchayat president S Jnanasundaram and secretary P V Biju supervise the operations of the processing plant. Now the government has decided to diversify with something more than just waste management.



One more thing

The state government has affirmed the Panchayat’s proposal to establish a bio-gas unit at the waste processing plant to facilitate the village residents with fuel for cooking. For this a sum of 10 lakh has been sanctioned by the government and will be executed by the Union Ministry of Rural Development’s Govardhan programme and the State’s Suchitwa Mission. To meet the needs of locality, the plant will be using 300 kg of solid waste which is sufficient for the nearby households. This technique is promising and can aid to the development of several villages like Nedumgandam if laid and executed properly. This is also teaching the world to utilize the resources in a efficient and effective manner.

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