Broken After Losing Children In Accident, This Is How Delhi Parents Made Them Live On

No parent in the world wants to see that day when their child dies before them. The pain and trauma that they go through is devastating and cannot be compared to anything else. When an unfortunate accident took place in Delhi’s Punjabi Bagh area recently, it torn down the lives of the many families.

Seven youngsters were on their way to appear in an examination when their car rammed a flyover railing and fell 25 feet below near the railway tracks. Sanchit Chhabra (19) and Ritu Singh (18) were among the four who died in the mishap. Shaken by the irreparable loss, their parents were in a state of shock. Losing a young child is a wound that needs nursing for a lifetime. But even in these tough times, parents of Sanchit and Ritu did something which deserves an applauding.

They donated the eyes of their deceased children so that it can brighten up someone else’s life. “My son is gone, but at least two other people will be able to see the world through his eyes. Just thinking of this possibility makes me feel better,” said Sanchit’s father Raj Kumar Chhabra.


It did not take a second thought for Ritu’s father Malkhan Singh either. He, too, agreed to donate his daughter’s eyes without any hesitation. “The NGO has invited me to meet the two persons who will receive Ritu’s eyes. My daughter will live in those two persons forever. I will meet them and stay in touch with them my entire life,” said her father amidst tears.

My daughter will live in those two persons forever. I will meet them and stay in touch with them my entire life.

Chhabra said if the thought had stuck him on time he would have readily donated all the organs of his deceased son. “By the time an NGO approached us with request for donation, only eyes of my son were usable. We agreed to donate his eyes without a second thought. My son was a helpful and friendly boy. Even in his death, he will be helping people,” he said.

Organ donation is India is not popular mainly because of religious beliefs that the person will not attain peace if his/her body parts remain part of the mortal world. Such regressive and superstitious thinking stop people from making this important contribution to the society. Parents of Ritu and Sanchit must be looked on as an example for taking this step without any prior planning.

The fathers have urged that others, too, must come forward for organ donation as it is the greatest service for human kind. We could be born healthy but not everyone has such a privilege. We live in a society where people with physical disability have to face social stigmas and yet we do not come forward to make their lives better.

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