How Gujarat Doctor Performed Angioplasty Without Using His Hands

Medical science today is not the same today as it was a few years ago. No matter how much development medical field saw few years ago, procedures like surgeries required the physical presence of doctor. So if someone suffered a heart attack and didn’t get medical attention immediately due to geographical barriers, the chances of survival for that person became really low. But with the recent breakthrough in telerobotic surgery, the world witnessed first successful surgery in India where the doctor was 32 km away from the patient and created history.

The telerobotic surgeon

Cardiologist Dr Tejal Patel from Ahmedabad did this miraculous telerobotic Coronary intervention from a distance of 32 km on a middle aged woman who admitted to Apex Heart Institute in Ahmedabad while the doctor was at Akshardham temple complex in Gandhinagar. The system was designed by Da Vinci system which is the leading surgical robotics technology provider. The patient was successfully operated with the help of robotically controlled instruments. To connect these devices, jio band was used that provided seamless connectivity of 100 MBPS. This surgery lasted 15 minutes and became successful marking a mile stone. All the necessary precautions were taken during the surgery to ensure the safety of patient. It was broadcasted on a screen at the Akshardham temple in the presence of Gujrat's Chief Minister Vijay Rupani.


Life depended on signal strength

Because the whole procedure required internet connectivity, the connection needed to be strong and resilient. Any kind of connectivity issue could have stopped the procedure and jeopardized the life of patient. So, a team of surgeons were also present there to operate if the internet failed. But none of them had to jump into action as the bots did their job perfectly with the expertise of Dr Tejal Patel. With this India became the first country in the world to have successfully implemented telerobotic coronary intervention and set new benchmarks in the field of medical science and technology.


(Dr Tejal monitoring the procedure)

Future can be better

With so much advancement, more and more lives can be saved and geographical barriers will no longer be an obstacle for one’s revival. This can prove to be highly effective in cardiovascular diseases as they require immediate medical attention. With successful implementation, Da Vinci systems have inspired global companies to commercialize these bots so that they can be brought into mainstream. With this, it will be accessible to more and more number of people and it will also reduce the fatalities due to such diseases. It’s a ray of hope for a brighter tomorrow.

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