The Tree Man From Jodhpur Who Turned A Sand Dune Into A Lush Green Garden!

Human potential has no limits. Once we find the intrinsic motivation to do a particular task, we make sure that we keep working on it till it yields the desired results. We have heard about the famous case of Manjhi – The Mountain Man, who fought his entire life with a mountain and finally won. Now, Ekalkhori village near Jodhpur has seen the rise of the ‘Tree Man’.

Ranaram Bishnoi has earned this title for his relentless efforts in turning a sand dune into a lush green garden. He has managed to plant over 27,000 trees single-handedly and that too in his 70s. He climbs a high sand dune every other morning and waters his trees. He has planted these trees across a 25-bigha land.

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Putting consistent efforts 

Ranaram makes a lot of efforts to make sure that these trees get the required nourishment for their growth. In fact, it won’t be wrong to say that he almost treats them like his babies. He walks 3 kms to reach the dune, then climbs it. Then he goes the other side to get water from his friend’s tube well and mounts it back.

“The plants are god-like for me and by serving them I feel accomplished and relieved,” Ranaram says in an interview with Business Line.

He has created a small crater on top of the dune to collect water, which he keeps well covered to avoid the water from being consumed by animals or being evaporated.

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Spreading the good habit to his family and friends 

“Sometimes, I also take the women of my house along and some time I take the girls of the village to help watering the plants spread on the large chunk of the dune and pay them Rs 2 per plant from my pocket,” says Ranaram.

Ranaram was inspired in his youth days when he visited a community festival of the Bishnois in Bikaner. He realised the importance of working on saving our environment. That day itself, he bought some plants and planted them in the vicinity of his village. He has also developed a nursery in his house to prepare seeds and plant saplings.

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Ranaram was awarded by the administration and Forest Department for achieving this great feat without any government assistance. He has literally done it all on his own. The government is now more than willing to help him continue this wonderful job. The SDM recognizes the Tree Man’s work and says that greening a dune of this large size is truly a miraculous job.


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