The Untold Story Of A Keralite Firm That Launched India’s First Private Satellite With SpaceX

"WE ARE IN SPACE.” These were the words tweeted on the night of 4th December by Kris Nair moments after SpaceX launched Block 5 Falcon 9 rocket. Launched from the Vandenberg Air Force Base in California on Tuesday night, the world hailed Elon Musk for another successful benchmark in space history. But the 12-letters posted on Twitter held an untold and epic story that put India on the map by having its first private satellite up in space.

Known as Exseed SAT1, the satellite launched by Elon’s trademark company SpaceX is expected to be an asset for radio operators. But the credit behind this astounding moment goes to the man behind Exseed Speed, a Mumbai-based space firm who formed the core of this mission. Kris Nair who hails from Neyyattinkara, Kerala brought home this achievement after building a commercial scale spacecraft with a budget way less than usual. Typically it takes years and millions of dollars to put together one satellite. We have now demonstrated that it is possible to build reliable commercial-grade spacecraft in a matter of months without spending a lot of money," said Nair in an email interview.

The 36-year-old scientist who started his first company named Navigator Media Intelligence dropped out of Indian Military Academy after an accident. He pursued his higher education in applied physics and since then he diverted his career towards space science. "We are ecstatic and humbled to share that last night, Exseed Space became the first Indian private company to have a satellite in space," Nair said.



Whether it is higher education or getting the perfect job as portrayed in teen-movies, we tend to believe that the other countries have better opportunities to offer. Yes, there’s some truth to this ideology but our approach to this has blindsided potential India holds. Talking about the struggles and making it big from India Nair said, "We're here to bring space closer. To make its benefits available to every government, every business and every human on the planet. We are now aiming to make space flight simple, reliable and accessible to businesses and organizations of all sizes and help create a world-class space ecosystem in India. The small step is done, it is time for the giant leap now," he said.

Putting India on the map of historical space events, Nair has made his country proud with his revolutionary project. "We would like to thank ISRO, Antrix Corporation, Dept of Space, Spaceflight, SpaceX, our subsystem vendors and partners who helped our fledgling team actualize our dream," he said.

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