MIT Born Startup Came Up With E-Scooters That Can Heal Themselves And People Are Drowning In Curiosity

Just think about it for a second, we complain about toxic emissions and air pollution from fossil fuels but aren’t we also choking these resources by using them excessively? From crude oil to coal to natural gas, the outrageous and unplanned consumption of fossil fuels has pushed us on the verge of a world-energy meltdown. For over a decade, we have been trying to work out the kinks of producing everything that precedes with an ‘e’, meaning electronic, to slow down the depletion rate of conventional fuels.



A Cambridge-based micro-mobility firm recently came up with a solution devoted to a prime concern in the world of e-scooters. When electronic scooters first came out, people adopted the new technology enthusiastically only to realize later that there are certain safety risks that come with it. Soon, people started criticizing the lack of rider’s safety and damages in shared mobility plans. A few months back, Superpedestrian, a micro-mobility firm has claimed to bring ‘self-healing’ scooters on the roads by 2019 who will be able to self-diagnose their problems.

CEO and company’s founder Assaf Biderman has claimed that the scooters will have 18 months lifespan and a backup of several days, bringing reliability for the riders. But Biderman also understands that “When it comes to mechanical design, there’s no magic bullet.” He stated that there’s no other alternative to try the scooter out to judge its performance.



Back in November, a major e-scooter player Lima had to call off two models from the market as they were either breaking in half or the batteries were burning up in flames. Considering the health hazards these e-scooters can carry, Superpedestrian will have ‘vehicle intelligence’ that will keep a check on factors such as temperature and voltage. If the scooter faces any mechanical failure, it will first try to perform an automated maintenance. In case it could not resolve the problem, take itself offline after issuing a support ticket. The scooter then will be repaired by manually by a human mechanic.

This technology can be the big break in the automobile industry as people are switching to eco-friendly solutions faster by the minute. It will not only safeguard the driver and the passenger but will also promote among users the need to save the fossil fuels. In a world where everything is going AI in a snap, some criticize that one day these gadgets will also become the end of the human race but a breakthrough like this only proves that our creations come with a control. It’s upon us whether we let the technology push the buttons or take the lead and control the same. 

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