UK Man Migrated To Tamil Nadu For Organic Farming

You have heard about people from India going abroad to get jobs in multinational companies and then settling there. But have you ever heard of someone leaving behind everything that everyone aspires for just to become a farmer? Yes, you read it right. This man from England left behind a promising career for his love for farming and came to India to live his dream and set new benchmarks in organic farming.  

Taking the road less traveled


(Krishna McKenzie)

Krishna McKenzie was a degree holder in acting, music, biology, French and jazz guitar from J Krishnamurti School in UK and could have easily made his living out of it but all of these didn’t add up to give him the same pleasure as farming did. So he selected his career as farming, when his friends planned to study in US. He came to Auroville, township in Tamil Nadu in 1993 as he was highly influenced by Tamil culture and fit right in. He started Solitude farm in 1996 which was based on "social agriculture" that created a dynamic community around local food, permaculture and natural farming.

Endless love for culture

He loved Tamil culture so much that he married a Tamil girl named Deepa and settled in Auroville. The couple loved farming and farmed on six acres of land where 140 unique plants were grown that included plants of high medicinal value like Piper Longum and many others. For him the essence of farming was more important than the monetary value behind it.


(Servings at Krishna's hotel)

"We need natural potion for us. Farming comes naturally to people here and everyone has good knowledge about the same. But, we tend to forget the essence of farming and get wooed by false goals like money. If food is not good, water is not pure then what is the meaning of money and employment in life?" says Krishna.

Also creating awareness

Krishna also runs a small hotel where he serves organic yield from his farms including millet dosa, indravalli green dosa, wood apple salad, cucumber pachadi and papaya salad to his visitors. He runs the hotel only to make people aware about the benefits of organic farming without any wish for income. His efforts are showing people the value of organic farming for a healthy lifestyle and not harming the soil by use of artificial fertilizers and manures. He is also setting a benchmark for the farmers who are doing farming in an organic way.

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