How The Very Rare Bombay Blood Group Was Shipped From Karnataka To Myanmar To Save A Life!

Not many of us must have heard of HH blood group. This blood group is so rare that it is found in only 0.0004% of the people in the entire world. It is also known as Bombay blood group because it was discovered in 1952 in Bombay by Dr. YM Bhende. Imagine a situation where this blood group is needed in a location which is anyway quite distanced from the developed cities and does not have required facilities. Such resource constraints are often a major issue in healthcare industry because the human body is so complex and it is tough to be prepared to cater to all health problems immediately.

This is exactly what happened in Myanmar recently. A 34-year-old woman had to undergo a heart surgery and was in urgent need of HH blood group. The unique thing about this blood group is that people with HH blood group cannot accept blood from any other group except their own. Owing to the less population, it is anyway tough to find donors in Myanmar and this situation was just extremely complex. But thanks to Sankalp India foundation who stepped in at the right time, the woman’s life was saved and the surgery could happen successfully.

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Two units of Bombay blood group arrived all the way from Karnataka to Yangon General Hospital in Myanmar and were perfectly preserved. Sankalp India foundation identified the problems that could arise due to the scarce nature of this blood group. They started an initiative and opened a website known as where they can keep track of every location where any rare blood group is needed in emergency.

“The team keeps track of Bombay blood group donors, available units and requests for rare blood groups in India, and even abroad. With no known donors in Myanmar, the only option was to ship units from India,” Rajat Agarwal, the convener of the foundation told TOI. 

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Sankalp India foundation started searching for the availability of this blood as soon as they were told about the need in Myanmar. They found the required blood in SS Institute of Medical Sciences and Research Institute in Davanagere in Karnataka. The officer in charge of the blood bank, Dr. Kavita GU and the Principal of the medical college, Dr. BS Prasad, then devised a plan to ship the blood to Myanmar.

Permission was sought from National Institute of Immuno-Haematology and an international courier service was brought in to deliver the blood units.

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Sankal India foundation saved a life and also showed to the world the importance of the value of helping. They went out of their way to procure the blood all the way from Karnataka and made sure that it is shipped. Hats off to their efforts!

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