Advocate Fighting His Case Against Hunger Feeds Thousands Of Poor

While thousands of people sleep empty stomach daily, thousand others have the audacity to waste food without even realizing that their leftover food could mean world to someone else. Every year there are thousands of weddings and other celebrations that lead to wastage of tonnes of food that can fulfill thousands of stomachs. When our hero attended one such wedding and saw the amount of food wasted by each person, it became the reason for his sleepless night and he decided to change this scenario and started a movement to aid the poor with food supplies as well as turned his nightmare into a lullaby.

The day of reckoning

Advocate Bhuvan Bhaskar Khemka hailing from Haryana was attending a wedding celebration where he saw people taking massive quantity of food in their plates and then wasting more than half of it. He was thrilled to his core and couldn’t sleep that night because what he saw haunted him. That day he pledged to spread awareness among the people and started ‘Shri Ram Bhojan Bachao Sanstha’ in 2010 along with a group of people who contributed five rupees every month for the sole purpose of creating awareness among the people. But awareness alone was not enough to stop it.


Contributions increased and plan diversified

As this movement gained popularity, the members increased their monthly contributions from five rupees to up to 1000 rupees per month and started collecting leftover food from marriage palaces and other functions to distribute them among poor and needy. Even when quantity of chapatti was not enough for distribution, his organisation members bought bread on their personal expenses to fulfill the requirements of distribution. His organisation also made an awareness slogan that said, ‘उतना ही लो थाली में, व्यर्थ न जाए नाली में’ whose posters were placed in temples and other public places. 


(Working to save food)

Increasing its radius

Currently the organisation has 250 members who contribute on a monthly basis and reach out to over 25 km to collect food for distribution. Bhuvan strongly believes that if food is not wasted, a lot of people can be fed every day, lakhs of children can be educated and poor can have access to better health care services. His movement is an urge to those who waste food knowingly or unknowingly that by saving food, they are not just respecting it but also brightening the life of those who suffer only due to lack of food. 

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