2 Teens Lost Hope When Their Mom Died But A Few Strangers Made It A Beautiful Story

It is a myth that death is hard. Death is easy, dying is an exit. The real nightmare is the life that goes on after someone dear has died. This nightmare was realized when mother of two and the sole earning member of the family passed away after being caught up in the line of fire between two rival gangs in Delhi. Following this, her husband lost the battle to chronic asthma leaving behind two children who were not ready for the blow. Their future would have been finished as they might have to give up education to feed themselves but luckily some compassion driven people saw this as their moral responsibility and swore to look after these children and proved that humanity still exists.

The black day

June 18, 2018 was like every other day for Sangeeta Sharma (37), a factory worker and a mother of two but it didn’t go like every other day. While she was returning from her job, she got shot in ongoing firing between two rival gangs and couldn’t make it.  The whole family was in turmoil with this unexpected happening. The financial condition of the family was not even strong enough to move her body from hospital for cremation. When the news broke out about this family’s condition, Hanuman Prasad, a local dairy shop owner announced this family’s need for help in the neighborhood and that’s when people came forward to offer help to this family. Even after Sangeeta’s last rites, nearly Rs 60,000 were left that Hanuman offered to her daughter.


It wasn’t possible to go from shop to shop, so I used the loudspeaker to announce the family’s situation,” said Hanuman.

Her children Shruti Sharma (15) and her brother Dheeraj (14) were now under care of their father, Surender Sharma who himself was suffering from chronic asthma and knew that he also don’t have much time. Due to his disease, he was unable to earn. He was always worrying what will happen to his children after he is gone too. But the almighty has plan for each one of us.

God takes care of his children

When the word spread out, more and more people came to know about this family and reached out to offer help. MM Pal Singh, a government contractor transferred Rs 10,000 every month into the family’s bank account. A retired army man and one more person offered monetary help of Rs 5,000 every month.


I was pained when I got to know that a family was in trouble because of criminals. I decided to pay for their educational needs and other expenses,” says MM Pal Singh.

When so many people came together, Surender was assured that his children will continue to live a normal life and get educated as he always wished. On November 29, 2018 he took his last breath after taking a promise from her daughter that she will continue her studies. Now the children are under the care of their cousin and his wife. They will be looking after their financial needs. 

In his last moments at the hospital, my father held my hand, put his head in my lap and urged me to continue studying,” says Shruti.

More and more hands

Delhi government’s revenue department offered them monetary help of Rs 2 lakh and the chief minister’s relief fund also contributed Rs 5 lakh for their bright future. Prerna-Ek Prayas, an NGO also joined in and is taking care of their ration and electricity bill and have promised to do it for at least six years. 


It is unfortunate that the children are orphaned, but we will ensure there is no interruption in their education,” says Sanjeev Jha, Burari legislator.

They will be able to continue schooling after a few days. With so many people coming forward from various parts, these children will definitely be brought up without lacking any resource and will see the light of life that their parents always wished for them.

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