District Collector Saves 50 Women From Sexual Abuse in Tamil Nadu Shelter!

In India, issues such as rapes, child trafficking, sex rackets etc. have just not stopped or even decreased despite a lot of voices being raised. Many major cities of the country are still not considered safe for women. We cannot dream of being called as a ‘developed’ nation till the time our women are not treated with respect and dignity. Long-term plans are no longer going to work. What the government, NGOs and other responsible organisations need to do is to get to the root of the issue and solve the cases as soon as they get a hint about it.

KS Kandasamy, District Collector of Tiruvannamalai, Tamil Nadu put up a brave and encouraging act to save 50 girls who were being sexually abused in a missionary home. He just got a hint about it and got to work without delaying.

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Saving the girls from deplorable situation

Kandasamy was informed that Mercy Adaikalapuram missionary home was violating government regulations. His visit to the place left him in complete shock. The infrastructure was in a poor situation, and the 50 girls, who were in the age group of 5 – 22 years were supervised by a male security guard. The director of the home, 65-year-old Luban Kumar also lived in the same house. Kandasamy knew that something was fishy and he initiated an inquiry.

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Surprisingly enough, the bathroom did not have any doors and the girls were made to change in the halls.

 “Luban Kumar had purposely removed the doors of all the bathroom stalls where the girls bathed. His room was attached to this bathroom and he would open a window to see the girls showering. In addition to this, he had set up a CCTV camera in the hall where they changed and would watch from his room,” he told The News Minute.

Luban’s wife Mercy was also involved in the incident. She once sent Luban’s brothers to beat the girls and tell them to keep mum about whatever was happening.

Taking strict and immediate action

Without wasting any time, Kandasamy moved all the girls to a government home. All the girls slowly opened up to the District Collector and narrated horrific incidents from their time at the missionary home. A complaint has been lodged against Luban Kumar, his brothers and Mercy and the missionary home has been sealed.

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K S Kandasamy has set up an example of how to deal with such criminals effectively and efficiently. He saved the lives of all these girls and gave them new reasons to live. Recently, he also saved a 17-year-old girl from child marriage and provided her ₹3 lakh for her UG course in nurturing. Hats off to him for implementing such quick measures and leading by example!

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