Pink Polling Booths Used In Mizoram Elections To Woo More Women To Come And Vote!

India proudly boasts of being the world’s largest democracy. However, in reality, due to the extreme cultural diversity, income disparity and religious stereotypes, not everybody really gets a truly fair and equal opportunity to cast their vote and elect their representatives. The essence of democracy is often lost midway. We have also been a patriarchal society for very long and women have never found the respect they deserve. But time is changing and the awareness about the importance of voting is being spread by the government. Women are speaking up and their percentage of vote share has seen an increasing trend.

As a unique initiative to motivate more women to come out and cast their precious votes, the elections in Mizoram saw a creative campaign. 40 pink polling booths, also known as Dingdi in the local language, have been set up across the city. These booths are managed by all women police officials and personnel. Dingdi is a wildflower commonly found in Mizoram and is used in Mizo poetry to depict beautiful women.

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A step towards empowering women

The main motive of these booths is to encourage more women voters, especially from the conservative backgrounds, to break their shackles, and come out to vote. To make the booth more charming, women clad in pink coats were seen standing at the stations. As a matter of fact, women electors generally outnumber the men. The ratio is 1051 female per 1000 male voters in 2018. Despite that, there are many women who hesitate to vote. Their representation in the state politics has also remained low.

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As per the election commission data, there are approximately 7,68,181 eligible voters in Mizoram, out of which 3,93,685 are women.  At present, Vanlalawmpuii Chawngthu from Congress is the only woman in the state Assembly.

Pink Polling Booths to be seen in other states as well

The concept of pink polling booths started during last year’s state assembly elections. The first states to employ this strategy were Punjab and Goa and it became a huge success straightaway. They came up with creative ways to decorate the polling booth. It also makes the process of voting more exciting, something that the voters would really look forward to. The people need to feel special when they are exercising their power.

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This year, pink polling booths were earlier used in the Karnataka elections and after the success in Mizoram, they are surely going to be extensively used in multiple states and in the 2019 elections as well!   


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