Daughters Take Matter In Their Own Hands, Manually Dig Long Due Irrigation Well For Their Father

Forget about it or fight for it – the two contrary ideas that decide the fate of an individual’s dreams and aims. In Indian society, due to social, economic and bureaucratic reasons, an individual’s thought process generally phases from ‘let’s fight the system’ to eventually ‘let it be’. However, exceptions that are omnipresent, are the ones which form interesting and inspiring stories. The story of two sisters- Jyoti and Kavita- who hail from Khargone district in Madhya Pradesh, has two implications. It is inspiring and disturbing in equal measures.


Jyoti and Kavita’s father, Babu Bhaskar, was sanctioned a well in 2011, but even after years of running around various departments of the government and administrative bodies, he could never get it dug. Ultimately, when he gave up, his daughters decided to take the matters in their own hand just for their father and guess what, they succeeded. They dug a 28-feet deep well on their own. While the love for their father and efforts taken by them to give him his well is highly appreciable, the ignorance of the authorities which made the girls go through this laborious task is disappointing to say the least.



Babu owns three acres of land along with his 2 brothers – Lakhan and Champalal. Summer always brings drought in the region and the residents have to go through a lot of struggles. The lack of water leads to financial losses, which ultimately affects their day to day lives. Hence, Babu Bhaskar was sanctioned a well under the MNREGS program; His brother Lakhan had to mortgage his land to get the finances for digging the well.

Even after the sanction, and the funds being available, the brothers did not get any support from the authorities to physically dig the well. They kept running from one department to another for 3 years, but to no success. The authorities initially did send labor to start digging the well, but they dug only 10 meters and then totally forgot about it. When Jyoti and Kavita watched their father and uncles have giving up hope that is when they decided to take the matter in their own hands. They made up their mind to do the spadework themselves. They knew that they had to dig the well this summer because things were getting tougher for the family with each passing summer.



“We have no cattle. My educated daughters pulled out soil and rocks out of the well for four months with a rope tied around their waist. They worked hard and continued digging till they reached the water table at 28 feet,” said Babu Bhaskar in an interview with Times of India.


Love for their father made them overcome all physical strain that they will have to go through. Babu Bhaskar now has enough water and plans to plant soybean soon. He wants to continue to educate his daughters; Jyoti has already enrolled for her B.Ed. course.


KenFolios appreciates the selflessness shown by Jyoti and Kavita and hopes that their efforts inspire its readers to instil similar compassion for their parents!


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