Betrayed By Own Blood, This 67-Year-Old Finds Her New Family In Police Station

Sun shines brightest after a rainy day and it did for this old woman when every door to happiness was shut for her. Few years ago she lost her husband and even before she could move from that agony, her alcoholic son abandoned her and kicked her out of her own house. Without a shelter, money or family she was all alone and clueless. That’s when some Samaritans showed her compassion and took her in. Not only they took care of her but did a gesture that restored her faith in humanity.

Days of sorrow

After 67-year-old Anushya from Chennai was abandoned by her only son, she had no place else to go. She was weeping at the door step of Pazhavanthangal police station but didn’t want to file a complaint against her son even when the cops insisted her. Her condition was so heartbreaking that the cops decided to reduce her pain and offered her a job at the police station and in return took care of her basic needs.


(Anushya's new family)

We decided to provide her with breakfast, lunch, and dinner. She agreed to work at the station, and comes here every day at 7 am,” says Inspector G Venkatesan.

Compassion costs nothing

Everyday Anushya went to police station at 07:00 in the morning, cleaned the premises, made rangoli, filled empty water bottles and kept them at officer’s tables. She did all sorts of odd jobs and the officers took care of her breakfast, lunch and dinner. One November 27, 2018, she came in with a small packet of chocolates and was distributing them among officers. When G Venkatesan asked her the reason, she said it was her birthday. G Venkatesan then immediately sent the constable to get a cake to surprise her and gave her the happiest moment of her life.


(Anushya's happiest moment)

I asked a constable to quickly get a birthday cake for her. She is part of the family, and we wanted to surprise her. We gathered together, singing Happy Birthday, as she cut the cake,” says G Venkatesan.

Best unexpected moment

Anushya couldn't hold her tears when she saw the cake but at the same time felt happier than ever. Her new family showed her how it feels to be loved. The gesture was not uncommon but for her it was unexpected and perhaps the happiest moment of her life.

I have never celebrated my birthday. I can’t believe the police took the effort to plan this for me,” says Anushya who turned 67.

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