While Most Parents Shied Away From Showing Support This Mother Proudly Stood By Her Son The Whole Time

The 11th edition Delhi Queer Pride Parade was the first since Supreme Court struck out Section 377 which criminalized a certain section of the population based on their sexual preference. This colorful parade was attended by thousands of revelers, who danced at dhol beats and sang all the way from Barakhamba Road to Tolstoy Marg on the warm Sunday afternoon. This parade was all about happy faces, spreading of love and tolerance and new found independence.


Since 2008, every last Sunday of November, Delhi Queer Pride Community organize Delhi Pride Parade to celebrate identity and sexuality of the LGBTQ+ community. This compared to the previous years, the parade was bigger and more colorful just because for the first time these people were no more criminals. Among all the smiling faces, was that of a woman, she was not a part of LGBTQ community but was there to support her son, Tushar a 27 year old man in a rainbow cape.


In spite of Supreme Court ruling, people with “log kya kahenge" mindset still have a long way to go to accept this section of the population with open arms. Most of the Indian parents in spite being supportive think twice before showing their support in public.  But for a change this mother proudly came out in public to stand by her son as well as the community as a whole. While talking to India Times about her son being a homosexual,

I always had an inkling but when he finally told me, I felt extremely concerned about my child, about what he will have to deal with, his future. We were also pretty unaware about it all, certain terms used and how things work. However, we read up on it and over the years, we’ve gotten more acquainted with the community. It has been a journey for us as well - Tushar's mother to India Times.


In 2011, Tushar who was still in his late teens came out to his parents. But it was not that easy for him, in order to do things the right way he joined a support group where he would ask people about the right way to go about it as well as people's reactions that he should expect. Surprisingly, when he came out, he found a ready support in his mother.

It’s not that you just come out and it ends there. You come out every single day. You come out to people, you come out to your family, you come out to your employers, and you come out to the people around you. Like, even taking a train ride and being asked if you’re married calls for a coming out of sorts. Your first support group, however, are your friends and family. If they’re supportive, that’s it. When you know your family supports you, it makes you feel more powerful because you know that you have the strength - Tushar to India Times


Tushar currently works with the World Bank. After a long stint in US he has finally returned back to India and is happy that Section 377 has been struck out from our constitution.

After the decriminalization, it is good to know that even our Constitution backs us up and upholds our rights.

We have to agree that there is tremendous amount of homophobia in our culture. While most parents just disown their queer kid or keep them hidden from the society in a different country, if only friends and family could take out time to reach out to them and try to educate themself more on the matter, just like Tushar's mother. We could make life and world comfortable for the people who have been wronged for so many centuries.

Picture Source: LoopTT; Newslaundry; IndiaTimes

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