Ravi Kalra: A True Hero Who Cares For The Abandoned, Disabled, And Wounded

People with good intentions aren't necessarily under the spotlight but what they do manage is bring light into life of others. Today, we bring you story of a man who is bringing back smile on faces of those who had surrendered to gloom and hopelessness. 

Angel alive

Ravi Kalra, hailing from Delhi is a distinguished alumnus of Delhi University and a well known social activist. In 2008, with the foundation of an NGO called ‘The earth saviors foundation’, he started his journey as a social activist with the sole purpose to look after poor, mentally disabled, wounded, deprived people, HIV/ AIDS patients, abandoned senior citizens and less privileged people. Ever since he has worked day and night to provide the underprivileged free shelter, food, medicine and daily amenities.


(Abandoned by children, adopted by Ravi)

Harsh realities he came across

During his journey as a social activist and environmentalist, he cremated over 5,000 unclaimed dead bodies with respect. Some of the bodies were found half eaten or rotting at darkest corners of cities. He also runs an old age home for those who are abandoned by their children for property. He once came across a man who had slipped into coma. His son saw this as a great opportunity to sell his dad's house and get a ticket to America. He locked his bedridden father in the house and left a rat inside hoping his father died soon and fled.

It breaks everyone’s heart to see how inhuman a human can behave just for the material things of the world. It’s really shocking how conveniently people forget the love their parents bestow on them. If this is not the death of humanity then what is?

Sun in the darkness

Ravi’s efforts for over a decade has helped those who never saw love and affection. He feeds 450 people every day and provides shelter to 450 individuals who are elderly, mentally distressed and abandoned people. All he gets in return is the blessings and love from them. His shelter is located at Gurugram where he facilitates the needy. 


(Feeding the old)

He is also the president of Indian amateur taekwondo federation and has served the nation by training soldiers posted in several battalions. His work has taken him to 43 different countries till now and he also holds the world record for wiping of ‘Horn please’ sign on one lakh commercial vehicles. He also works actively to save strays cows and forests. 

Compassion is all he has

He is one of the very few people in the world who live solely for the welfare of others and works seven days a week to ensure that no one under his care faces any trouble. He has also pledged to donate his organs to the needy for when he'll be no more. For his magnanimous nature and work, he was honored with Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel International Prestigious Award in 2012. But he knows what he is doing it for. It is not for the awards or appreciation but for the smiles of those who once lost it.

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