Cyclone Gaja: His House Was In Shambles, But This Man Continued To Provide Relief Services To The Victims

A wise man once said "A person's most useful asset is not head full of knowledge, but a heart full of love and hand willing to help others." It seems like he was describing the protagonist of this news story, who has made it his life's motto to put others before himself.

About Him

Meet S Ganesan, a well-known face in Alangudi of Pudukottai district in Tamil Nadu, fondly known as ‘515 Ganesan’, a name he got because of the number plate of his Ambassador car.

This 68-year-old man has dedicated almost 5 decades of his life to social service. Since his youth every time a natural disaster struck, he would immediately get into relief work. When cyclone Gaja struck, it was no different. Instead of checking on devastation the cyclone had caused to his house he went out to help others.


Selfless Act

According to Times of India report, his house was completely destroyed in the cyclone, the roof of his house, made up of tin sheet, flew 100 meters away. Luckily, he and his wife Daivanai, 68, left the house just few minutes before this happened. Instead of checking on to his belongings, he went out to collect relief materials for the victims. On Saturday alone, Ganesan had managed to collect 10,000 worth relief material.

Reward That Followed

No good deed ever goes unrewarded, when actor Raghav Lawrence heard about this man's selfless dedication towards the community, he promised to rebuild his house.


Surprisingly, Ganesan - who is not a movie buff- doesn't even know the actor. Emotionally touched, Ganesan feels that Lawrence's gesture is a recognition for his work.

I didn't seek money from anyone nor did I publicize that my house was damaged in the cyclone- Ganesan said to Times of India.

As the saying goes you don't have to be rich to help others, coming from a very humble background of iron scrap traders in Alangudi, it never posed as a deterrence for Ganesan in helping others. Having said that this father of five children has even been spending a large part of his income towards charity.


Dignified Burials

Along with that he has even ensured dignified burials with the help of police, to more than 5100 unknown bodies, be it that of a destitute, accident victim or poor people, that too from his own money.

On one hand this act of humanity hasn't gone down well with his community and because of this he has been ostracized too. But on the other hand, this September, the class VIII drop out has been conferred honorary doctorate by the Bharat Virtual University for Peace and Education, Bengaluru.

Unaffected by the awards or criticism, Ganesan continues to work towards providing relief undeterred and he hopes to continue with his work till he dies.

Picture Source: Times Of India;  Deccan Chronicle; Bollywoodlife

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