Celebrating The 6th World Title Of The Supremely Special Mary Kom!

24 November 2018 will go down in history as a remarkably unforgettable day for India. On this day, a daughter of our nation made our hearts swell with pride. Mary Kom, the champion boxer won her 6th world title by defeating Ukraine’s Hanna Okhota by 5-0 in the Women’s World Boxing Championships. This victory means that Mary Kom is now the most successful boxer in the history of Women’s World Boxing Championships! Before this, she has won in 2002, 2005, 2006, 2008 and 2010. Coincidentally, she had her unofficial birthday just a day back and she gave herself and all the Indians the most wonderful gift we could have asked for.

The story of Mary Kom is one of a true winner. Starting from a humble background and facing many challenges, she has only gone from strength to strength once she realised her potential. It is people like her who are also responsible for bringing more awareness in our country about different kind of sports. And that is one of the many positive changes that Mary Kom has brought in our society.

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A story worth listening 

Born in Manipur, Mary Kom’s parents were simple villagers whose main occupation was farming. They never knew that their daughter is going to become the pride of India one day. In fact, seeing from their position, it is tough to even dream about such things. As she grew up, Mary started helping her father by cutting woods in the forest for fire and that helped develop her physical strength. She was also excited about sports and athletics. Her natural landscapes gave her a good chance to train in cross-country running, fishing and other activities.

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It was fellow Manipuri boxer Dingko Singh whose gold medal victory suddenly inspired Mary Kom to take up boxing as a profession. She got hooked to the sport and it soon became her life. She dropped out of college to train as a boxer. Women boxing is not something that’s too famous in India, in fact, it’s looked at with scepticism. In Manipur, boys used to initially even make fun of her for trying it. But Mary Kom has immense faith in her Lord and this faith gave her the courage to keep training against all odds. Even after becoming a mother, Mary decided to continue following her passion and bring more glory to her nation.

So special, so unique 

Mary Kom has done it all on her own. Despite initial success, she wasn’t signing big cheques or brand endorsements, it was going to take much more efforts on her part to get noticed by the media houses and she did just that. She kept training and kept winning. Today, she is counted among the biggest sports stars in the country. Her biopic starring Priyanka Chopra was a major commercial success and took her story to the masses.

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Despite all the success, Mary Kom remains humble. After winning her 6th world title in New Delhi, she couldn’t control the tears of joy from rolling down. She knew that her struggles have paid off and she has achieved fantastic success.

Keep going Mary!


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