The Unstoppable Constable Who Took On The Ironman Challenge And Smashed It

He weighed 92 kgs when he decided to take on something nearly impossible for a man as heavy as he was. It was the ironman triathlon challenge, that too when it was only six months left for the competition to be held. The challenge was double for him, it was to lose weight as well make himself worthy of the ironman title. He slogged for six months and finally pulled off the challenge and won it and became India’s first police constable to win the ironman title.

Fat to fit

Mumbai police constable Shankar Uthale (39 years) was worried about his increased weight and knew that if he won’t act fast, he will end up being a liability for himself and his work. So he made up his mind to do something that not only challenged him but also gave him the reason to become fit. He set his eyes on world’s most difficult challenge, the ironman triathlon. He started his training six months before the race and lost 30 kgs by running. Meanwhile, he also corrected his swimming technique. He enrolled into the competition four months before the competition date.  


(Shankar Uthale)

I knew I had to run or I’d become a burden on myself and my work,” says Shankar.

 Day of glory

His six months long drudgery and dedication paid him back. On November 17, 2018, he took on the challenge in Malaysia and won the title. He completed 3.8-km-long swim, 180.2 km of cycling and 42.2 km running in 16 hours and 15 minutes. With this he became India first police constable to win the ironman title that too in his first go. He is among 11 other Indian athletes to take on the ironman triathlon. He has served as a police man for over 14 years now and with this has made the whole nation proud.


(The victorious moment)

Dedication and will

Shankar always made sure to take care of his diet even on duty. His journey tells that fitness is not just a goal but a lifestyle. With this title his confidence is doubled and he wishes to take part in upcoming challenges as well. He hard has a message for everyone that once you are determined there is no mountain tall enough to stop us from achieving what you truly wish for. He has inspired a lot of youngsters to start working on their fitness today because ensuring physical health today is the best way to ensure mental health tomorrow.

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